Cupid’s Quandary: Episode 4

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The Confused Lover Man

FRANK…The Confused Lover Man

Frank was petrified; his hands were firmly rooted to the steering. He was driving, but his mind wandered. The message from Bimbo came as a huge shock to him, the exact shock he got when she broke up with him. A part of him was excited that he might see her again, but a greater part of him was scared of the potential problems her return might cause.

“Frank, you have hardly said a word since we got in this car” Sandra inquired when she could no longer bear the silence that ensued between them.

“Errmm…I was thinking about the dinner. I really don’t know how to appreciate you for everything. You have been a heaven sent to me Sandra, and I would make it up to you…”

“Sshhh! Frank, I have said this over and over, you don’t have to do anything in return. All I did was because you deserve it as a hard working man; and because I love you.” Sandra responded.

He was filled with pity for her. He wished he could make her happy by giving her exactly what she desired of him, but his mind was still tied to Bimbo. And to make matters worse, Bimbo seemed to be coming back! He knew he was vulnerable; he might not be able to resist Bimbo, but he would have to. After careful consideration of his numerous options, he decided to do something that might help him resist her when she returns. He quickly let out a huge sigh of relief to calm his nerves.

After driving for about forty-five minutes, Frank pulled over in front of Sandra’s gate. She checked her wristwatch and let out a loud cry “oh my God! Its 11:45 already! Wouldn’t it be rather too late for you to go home now?”

“No Sandra. I’ll be fine.” He replied, not yielding.

But she would have none of it, she went on, “Frank, tomorrow is a saturday. You can go home in the morning. Please, sleep here tonight.” Sandra pleaded as if her life depended on it and after 5 long minutes of persuasion, Frank agreed to sleep over at Sandra’s.

Frank left Sandra’s place as early as 6am the next morning. He headed straight home and threw himself on the couch as soon as he got in his living room. He had done what he felt was good enough to make him forget Bimbo; he had sex with Sandra! She didn’t force him, he did it because he wanted to, and she didn’t resist him either. Before leaving her place, Sandra informed him that the MD was aware of their ‘little’ relationship, and he endorsed it, but Frank didn’t find any joy in that.

“Why did you tell him?” He was angry “I didn’t tell you I wanted this relationship. We are meant to begin as friends!”

Sandra tried to explain but Frank would not listen to excuses from her. He fired back “You will go back to him and tell him there’s nothing between us!…” But then, he stopped short, not wanting to hurt her feelings, he calmed “…at least, not yet. We have to take things one at a time.” He placated her and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead before leaving her place.

Now, he has fresh problems to deal with. For once, he seemed to have understood why he was promoted. It was all Sandra’s plan or better still, The MD’s trap, and it was perfect! He had walked into the trap so easily. They knew it would be hard for him to refuse the promotion, and consequently, he won’t have a choice when confronted with the ‘payback’ of dating Sandra.

He began to think Sandra was not as nice as he had earlier made himself to believe. The sex he had with her can now be regarded as a total mistake and something to regret, not what he needed in order to forget Bimbo!

For two weeks, Frank ignored Bimbo’s phone calls and text messages. He also avoided Sandra as much as possible. He was ready to resign from Rock Holdings if he was held to ransom to date Sandra.

He had his resolve tested one afternoon, but he goofed. On that particular afternoon, the MD summoned him and they had a long chat on different aspects of the company. Finally, he mentioned Sandra – “How’s your relationship with Sandra going?” The MD asked suddenly.

Frank was confused, but he managed to answer tactfully by saying “We are both working at it. Time will tell sir.” That way, he felt he had survived the ambush, but only for that moment because there was a bigger challenge still to come.

After about one and half months of tactfully managing his relationship with Sandra, his resolve was tested yet again, and this time, it was even bigger.

Frank had decided to go home late that friday night, since the next day was a weekend. He had stopped over at his friend’s (Dennis) to have dinner and catch up on latest gist. He got home at about five minutes past ten in the night, only to find Bimbo sitting in front of his door.

“What are you doing here?” He inquired, looking closely to make sure he wasn’t seeing a ghost.

“I came to see you. I called you severally and sent you text messages, but you didn’t respond. I had to come.” She had an innocent look that seemed to plead for mercy. Frank was confused. He thought he had done enough to resist her. He wanted to, but he wouldn’t be cruel to her by sending her out at such an odd hour.

“You shouldn’t be here Bimbo. It’s over between us.” He managed to speak with his voice trembling. He however gathered the needed courage and spoke, “You will stay over the night and return to Port-Harcourt first thing in the morning!” He went on without looking at her.

He fumbled his hands in his pocket to find his keys and as he moved to open the door, Bimbo held him back, saying “I waited out here just to see you, I could have gone home to my parents. I know I messed up, and I’m disappointed in myself as much as you are in me. I can explain Frank. It is not entirely my fault…”

“Bimbo, please let’s go in and talk about this” Frank was finding it hard to contain himself, he also didn’t want to embarrass her or be embarrassed in front of the on-looking gateman. His emotion was getting the better of him as tears were already in the corners of his eyes.

Bimbo was adamant and unwilling to move. “I won’t go in with you except you tell me if I’m still wanted in there. Frank, DO YOU STILL LOVE ME?

The silence that followed was deafening. Frank could not speak; the truth glared in his eyes. He has been caught in this ambush! His phone rang at that moment to his relief. Sandra was calling, and Frank was poised to use the opportunity to send the message home straight to Bimbo that it was over between them.

He answered the call and said “Hello Sweetheart” but the response he got from the other end was not what he anticipated.

“Frank, we need to talk tomorrow. Something serious just happened!”

To Be Continued Next Week………………………………….

Olumide Lawrence


About Olumide Lawrence

OLUMIDE LAWRENCE is a writer, an artiste and a publicist. Started out as a PLAYER, now I am a Relationship COACH. Follow me on twitter @ilummynation and instagram @glowville Facebook: Olumide ilummynation Lawrence. BBM: 2A3B059E, 7E15126B.

23 thoughts on “Cupid’s Quandary: Episode 4

  1. Dis suspense I̶̲̥̅̊§ geeting 2 much bt all d same I can’t wait to see d end of it. More grease to U̶̲̥̅̊я̩̥̊ elbow motiveei8ht preSs


  2. She’s pregnant!!!! Dat bimbo gal shud let d guy move on after all she broke up wif him So y ask if he’s in L♥√ع wif her! He shud go and lodge her in a hotel to avoid temptation


  3. ℓ̊ love dis story. The suspense is wot makes it interesting. Can’t wait 2 read d next episode. More power 2 ur elbow


  4. Well I’d say you handle the suspense very well, but please to make your story more professional and serious, take time to correct your grammatical and spelling errors, there are other syntactic errors too but I LOVE this story and anxious to know what’s next.


  5. Cool story but U making it too long nd by doing dis peeps won’t be interested,I hope d next episode will be the last episode…


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