What’s “TRUE” in TRUE LOVE?

I am not here to start the unending debate of “what is Love?”
What exactly bothers me is why we keep saying words like “I am looking for TRUE LOVE!”

When you ask people to come up with their definition of love, you hear beautiful compositions, all giving you a notion of what is good, pure and lovely to experience. Even the popular pop artiste, Ð’banj says “Love is a beautiful thing”
If after all these beautiful expressions, we still have a belief that there is a fake version of LOVE, then there’s a huge problem in our hands.

Humans are naturally known to be selfish. This desire is most times expressed in what we feel. Love and Hate are both extreme levels of human emotions. In between them are variances of feelings borne out of what I call selfish desires, and they include: Lust, Infatuation, Obsession and every other feeling you have in you that is not of a selfish interest.

Most people who have experienced heartbreak, directly or indirectly, and as such seem to be confused about how they feel, or should feel about someone else, are those who decide to embrace the false notion of TRUE LOVE.

LOVE is love! There is no such thing as TRUE LOVE, Its either you love or you don’t. If you don’t feel it, you can’t express it. Here are some things you should check to know if you fall into the category.

Love is pure, selfless and sincere. It could be expressed based on feelings or experience.
Love is help: When you love someone you are ready to help him/her right away and also to do everything for him/her without expecting any benefits or returns from the person.
Love supports: There’s a feeling of security which comes with love. You know that by you stands someone who has got your back in every circumstance and all the time. 
Love is trust: Love naturally comes with trust. Contrary to what many of us believe, you don’t have to build trust after falling in love, it’s already there. When you trust your partner you are anxiety free.
Love is friendship: It is quite common to hear sayings like “Friendship evolves into love”. However true it may seem, you can’t have a friend you don’t love. Friendship is an integral part of love. Your lover is first of all, your friend. You only call him/her “Lover” because you share deeper levels of emotions. As lovers and friend, you’ll naturally be willing to share secrets,advises and virtually everything with each other.

The word TRUE added to love makes me want to ask you this, IS LOVE MEANT TO BE FAKE?

Rather than say TRUE LOVE, I’ll rather say LOVE IS TRUE.
When you are positive about your feelings, without ulterior motives, your thoughts, words and actions will all be expressed naturally.  

My personal opinion. I stand to be corrected if I am wrong.

Olabisi Vanessa.

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5 thoughts on “What’s “TRUE” in TRUE LOVE?

  1. i only c TRUE like a deep word to express how the LOVE is….buh to me,Love is LOve nothing like true or fake love …so it now depend on aw truthful you are to ur partner.Love is four letter words that contain everything.


  2. i only c TRUE like a deep word to express how strong the LOVE is….buh to me,Love is LOve nothing like true or fake love …so it now depend on aw truthful you are to ur partner.Love is four letter words that contain everything.


  3. True words … Love is true and it’s always brings out the best in every one to make and carry out a long lasting match perfected by God.


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