You May Marry an H.I.V Infected Brother!



HIV? Yes, HIV. Why would I open my eyes and marry someone certified to join his ancestors soon? Kai, God forbid.

Relax, let me describe him a little. That day you met at Shoprite, you saw a tall, dark and handsome dude. Nice TM shirt, big biceps and triceps. He offered to help you push the cart and made good selections for you. He almost paid but you stopped him because he’s a total stranger. You exchanged numbers and he dropped you at the nearest bus stop.
He called you before you went to bed and you were happy to hear that deep baritone voice before sleeping. You dreamt about him walking you down the aisle, you fell in Love. He proposed to you after 6mths of friendship. You said yes to him with gusto, after a year you just discovered the relationship lacked focus and was heading to nowheresville.

He has a good job, car with plenty money to throw around but deep down within you, you can’t discern where he’s heading to in life. He can’t tell exactly why he wants you to be his wife and succinctly can’t state what drives him in life.
Without much ado, he’s a purposeless man and a glorified fool. Yes, he’s got the money, yet he’s not the leader that he should be. He hasn’t cast for you the vision of the future. Secretly he cheats on you and you sense it. Hey lady!!! He has HIV( Having Insufficient Vision).

His friends are just like him, no dream to impact and touch lives positively. They drink and play games unholy men play. They are the type that believe a man must have a vice( either drinking, smoking or womanizing). He gets angry easily and sometimes forget his hand on your face, you know what I mean. Girlfriend, that guy has ‘HIV’

If any man must marry you and be your head, there are certain characteristics that he must possess as the head. The head has some vital components and they are:

The eyes for sight– He must have a vision that he is running with in life. I don’t mean vague and empty ivory tower wild dreams. I mean workable vision as discovered from God’s mind about his life. A vision that will out last him. DON’T MARRY A MAN BECAUSE HE HAS TELEVISION BUT
The nose for perception– Now, this is on the spiritual level, and it is VERY important! If he doesn’t have a keen perception for the things of the Spirit, please don’t go there. You will need more of his spiritual perception to sense danger ahead and nip it in the bud when you marry than you will need his money. Noah was such a man, he knew of the danger ahead and his family was preserved. He must also be sensitive to your needs and the needs of that relationship that will make it grow into a happy, enviable one.
The mouth for talking– if he is not in talking terms with his heavenly father in prayers, that is God, that relationship has no future. He should be a priest over your life and that of your kids. A priest stands between God and man to intercede, if he fails in this, he has failed in all. He must also be a man who takes communication serious in a relationship. He should talk to you always, and be willing to let you talk too.
The ears for listening– If he doesn’t hear God, he would surely be hearing the devil. That ability to discern God’s voice is what will distinguish him and make him a solution-giver when crisis comes. God has a way of telling his sons the way-out in every crisis but it would be disastrous if he’s deaf spiritually. A good man listens also to his woman. Through that he can understand her feelings, and they can both arrive at solutions when there’s problem.

Wow! now you can tell If he has ‘HIV’ or not. God wants you well in your relationship and he cares about what will become of your marriage because your home should make impact.

Jessy Brown.

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