How To Naturally Get Pink Lips

You can enhance your beauty with a lovely smile. When your lips are pink, your smile also becomes charming. But there are many people who do not have pink lips and the color of their lips has become dark and dull which is not appealing.

As the lips gives a very distinctive appeal to the overall feature of the face, dull and dark lips can mark a dark spot in your beauty. Proper lip care is required to keep your lips naturally pink.

To keep your lips pink,soft and attractive, there is no need to spend money on expensive products. You can make your lips pink using some of the easiest and available natural products.

There are many reasons behind dark lips such as hectic
lifestyle,ignorance towards health,change in weather,some kind of illness,chewing tobacco,chemotherapy,excessive smoking,regular use of low quality cosmetics,too much stress,exposing lips to direct sun rays and so on. But there’s nothing to be worried about as dull and dark lips can be turned to soft and pink lips.


• Gently scrubbing your lips is one of the best natural remedies for getting pink lips. At night before hitting the bed ,use a soft bristled brush to scrub your lips after brushing your teeth. This will not only help to remove the dry chapped skin from the lips but will also keep your lips soft and fresh.
•Massaging your lips few minutes everyday is a very good habit that helps lighten dark lips in a short time. Make a lip balm out of almond oil and lemon juice and massage your lips with that every night before going to bed. Soon you will notice the darkness is getting reduced
•Avoid exposing your lips to direct sun, moisturize and protect the skin on the lips by applying petroleum jelly when going out in the day. If you are indoors then use cocoa butter or shea butter ,which is an effective natural remedy for getting pink lips.
• Always remove the lip makeup you have applied on your lips during the day before going to sleep. Sleeping with your lips makeup such as the lipstick and lip gloss on is harmful to the lips and could cause dark and dull lips. To remove gently damp a soft cotton wool in an olive oil and rub the lips with it.
•Cucumber juice when applied on the lips also help a lot in reducing the darkness of the lips. Take a slice of cucumber and gently rub on your lips for 5minutes daily. It would help lighten up the color of your lips making it pink.
•For beautiful and soft pink lips, it is very important that you always keep your body hydrated. It is best to increase your water intake and include a lot of fresh juice in your diet as it would keep your lips healthy and soft.
•Next time, while eating an orange, keep the orange peel as it can help a lot in the treating of dark and dull lips. Use the orange peel to cleanse the skin of your lips. It would help lighten the dark skin tone of your lips.
•One thing that most people tend to do when they feel their lips is dry and chapped is to lick them. Before you plan to do the same, it is best to hold that tongue back in your mouth because you are just going to make it worst for your lips. Resist the urge to lick your lips as licking your lips would just leave it dull nd dry.
•Smoking is another major reason why the lips become dark and dull. Naturally one of the major remedies for getting a pink lips includes finding a motivation to quit smoking.

So,use these beauty tips to get those naturally pink lips and show off that pout proudly!!!

Aderibigbe Oluwaseun.

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