Leggings Gist: Don’t Wear It That Way!!

I have gist. I’m not sure it would interest y’all though. I can only hope. Yesterday, during my lunch break, I went across the road to the eatery to get snacks and patch up the seemingly wide hole in my stomach. After buying my stuff, I decided to just eat right there. Now, me, I like to sit at nice corners in restaurants. Any corner is fine, so long it’s a great vantage point from which I can watch people’s goings and comings. I watch really, what people wear, I check out the ladies’ makeup, grade them. It’s a reflex thing. Comes from being such a chronic fashionista. But I digress. My eyes caught on to a lady, generously proportioned, as ‘thick’ as they come. I noticed that there was a little lull in activity when she walked in, and people seemed to be staring hard at her. Big surprise. Madam Voluptuous was wearing a very tight short top with spandex leggings. Suffice to say, there was nothing left to the imagination. Worse still, both top and leggings were in really bright colours: burnt orange and sunflower yellow. Altogether, the effect was quite blinding. End of gist.

I want to give a few points on how to, and how NOT to wear leggings, if only so you don’t go out looking a spectacle. Leggings fashion is one fashion that should fit everyone, seeing as it is body hugging. So, no matter what kind of body shape you have, it will mold to it and fit. What makes or mars it is what you wear with it.

*. Wear leggings with tunics: Not all styles of tops work with leggings. The simplest way for you to sport leggings is underneath a tunic. Tunics vary in length, so it’s important that your tunic is long enough to cover your hips and rear. Because leggings fit so close to the body, you want your top to come down past your hips. You can wear a belt with it or not.
*. Choose the right shoes: Leggings look best with flats, such as ballerina flats.
*. Wearing leggings with dresses : Dresses that fall at or above the knee can work with leggings. This is one case where a close-fitting dress would look good with leggings.
*. Pair them with mini-skirts: One look that’s popular for younger women is pairing leggings with mini-skirts, particularly denim skirts. Slip into a pair of flat shoes, add a coordinating top and this is an easy, casual outfit.
*. Coordinate colors: Leggings are best used as an accessory to your outfit, not the main ingredient, so choose your ensemble first, then add leggings if you want. Your leggings’ color should match something else in your outfit for the most harmonious pairing.

Now, this is how NOT to Wear Leggings

*. Don’t wear a short top with leggings: Your shirt, whether it’s a tunic or other A-line top, should fall past your rear, not stop at the waist. This is especially important if your leggings fall on the thin side — you don’t want to look like you left the house in only a shirt and tights. We know you have a nice rear and want to show it, but honestly….it’s just wrong.
*. Don’t wear a tight shirt: Because leggings are so fitted, it’s best to steer clear of tight shirts for the best look. These items work better when your overall outfit is balanced, pairing roomy with fitted.
*. Don’t wear leggings in place of pants: Leggings are an accessory, not a garment. They shouldn’t be expected to take the place of a pair of slacks, but instead to add to the flair of a casual outfit. Jeggings (jeans leggings) can be worn as pants, if thick enough, but otherwise, please, spare us the view.

I do hope girls actually take these corrections. It’s embarrassing to hear some remarks dudes make when ladies pass by with their rear uncovered, all in the name of wearing leggings. Una wan wear am pass oyibo wey invent am abi? There are rules to every trend. Learn to follow. Do drop your opinions and additions in the comment box. Its been:

Jadesola Pearl

…Reporting for GlowNaija


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6 thoughts on “Leggings Gist: Don’t Wear It That Way!!

  1. Am so happy u’r making this public.I’ve taken time to correct so many,esp. friends about this,but they insult me instead


  2. There’s a lot of ignorance in the air we breathe. People see others and copy. Some think they are starting their own trends. As I said, every fashion trend has rules. I really do hope ladies learn.


  3. God bless u for this…all in the name of looking sexy n good,bt is all out of it. Thanks,Thumbs Up for dat. Dress Decently Ladies,not only on Leggings,but other clothing of urs!


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