Meet DIWANNA – The Talented WEIRDO!

In my little sojourn on earth, despite being less of a ‘waka-waka’ type, I have met some really crazy people. I’m glad about it because they have all shown me the dynamism that comes with life. Here’s a new one, a ‘weirdo’ I must confess, but best of all, he’s a bundle of talents.

Let’s meet DIWANNA.


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Who’s Diwanna?

My real name is Adedayo Olugbemi. A young man (much younger at heart) who’s blessed with such unconventional thinking that you could easily believe he’s from the Andromeda Galaxy. He hails from a corner of Kogi state. Character-wise, he’s a cross between Perry Como and Eminem. He’s a blogger, a voice over artiste, a video editor and a Video Director. 

That is one of the dopest introductions I have come across. You are such a versatile person, how do you keep up with the multi-facets of your life?

How I keep up? I just stay on spot, the facets meet me.

So much about you to talk about, but let me start with your blog. It really strikes me a lot. What’s your inspiration as a writer?

Hmmm, my inspiration… I’v been asked that so many times. I just write what I feel should be written and/or shared.

Nice one. I was recently opportune to watch a music video directed by you. It was Tee Blink’s ‘Lasgidi Boy’. Tell us about that experience.

I have directed two videos actually, the other one is awaiting release. The experience (with Lasgidi Boy) was not so pleasant. There were too many dissapointments with props. Eventually we had to work with what was on set and I was under immense pressure. I couldn’t even express all my ideas on the video.

Really? I hardly noticed all these setbacks in that video. It was a very good piece, a job well done. You have been in this game for sometime now, what will you say is your ‘Style’ as a video director?

Simple and vivid to the letter. I love natural enviroments. So I rather shoot a video in a natural setting and I play with camera movements, I prefer that to graphics. I mean, graphics is cool but I try to make a video that let’s the camera, with its movements tell a story that’s as good as possible.

You aren’t just a video director, you edit videos too. How did you come about that?

I started as an editor. I actually learnt it myself back in school. It was just out of curiosity, though I’ve always had ideas for clips. Anyway, when I started getting corperate jobs and was left with the directing works, I just had to step up.

You are a bundle of talent, and definitely a model to many people. Do you have a model, or mentor of your own?

Wow, me, a model. One advice, don’t make me your model, I’m crazy! That being said, I like people who are realists and down to earth. I like ‘wacky’ people too, I mean ‘pseudo-loco’ people.

Seriously, you are such a weird being. Let me ask what you think of the Nigerian entertainment industry, is there something you would love to change about it?

The Nigerian entertainment industry is divided into two: Music and Film. The music industry has grown in leaps and bounds since I first thought of joining it. Back then, a lot of my friends thought I was a rather good and witty composer and singer. Now I might not be able to cope if I enter into it. Songs I hear on radio are just awesome. But then we have them in the minority, its the no-sense AKA ‘club banger’ songs that get more airplay. In general though, the music industry is now internationally known and that is very good. Now to the film industry. This is also picking up as really talented folks come onboard and do what should be done for a movie to be considered ready for release. If left in the hands of Chukwudi, we’d never go beyond where we were in 2000. We have more good directors now.
About what I would like to change. That would definitely be the profanity in the music industry, its way too much. Artistes can sing without mentioning such obscenities. Its possible. Yea, sure, many people love it but it shouldn’t be. And I see the need to also regulate these works. Kids shouldn’t listen to them.

Who’s your favorite entertainment icon in Nigeria and overseas?

My entertainment icon would be, and this is because I love humour, Paul Simon. That’s if I pick one icon, if more then BeeGees, Fleetwood Mac, UB40, Sting and so on. My Nigerian icon(s) will be Orlando Julius, Majek Fashek and Oritz Wiliki.

Great icons you have mentioned. Permit me to single out one of them, who has been subject of media reports very recently. Why Majek Fashek?

Yes, I knew you would ask that. I grew up listening to him, you see, i’m a sucker for good music and Majek Fashek did just that, gave good music. I won’t rule him out. Do not have the image of the drugged up Majek we all saw in dailies and on the internet some time ago, keep that aside and focus on the younger, vibrant one. Though, they’re conflicting reports as to his true condition. I heard a yoruba radio presenter say he was at an event where he saw Majek Fashek and he looked “OK”, so I don’t know which to settle with. But no matter his condition, Majek is an icon.
Wow, that ryhmes! I think I should go back to writing songs!

Funny you! Is Diwanna working on any project for now?

At the moment I’m making a documentary for a corperate organization.

What will be your own little advice to youths out there who have it in them and want to harness their talents.

My advice has and will always be – be true to you, people will say you can’t do something but indeed you can, I tell you that.
And please quit following the crowd, you aren’t a sheep, you’re human. Do things that will work your brain and make you come up with something distinct.

Thank you very much Diwanna. Its been really great talking with you.

My pleasure.

Diwanna’s blog –
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Twitter: @diiwana
BBM: 22AE6004

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