OJB Lives…Or Lives On

I’m here. Again. You don’t know me? I’m Pearl, and I have a side hobby: Ranting/ critiquing. Today I’m leaning more towards a critique, because OJB Jezreel is apparently ill.

I will be very frank. I honestly didn’t believe this illness thing. Not really. I can’t be blamed though, ‘cos I did see a statement that apparently came from OJB refuting any such claims of illness. Who knows what to believe these days? The most renowned talent Nigerians have is the SCAM talent. One is forever in a quandry as to deciding whether one is being duped or not. Plus these serial news bloggers that post every little irritating tidbit they can think of, true or not. I tend to waive a lot of things as rumours, or publicity stunts. Imagine, when Wizkid crashed his car, they said it was because he was receiving head. Na wa o…but I digress. Reason number 2: remember #SaveDebbie? People donated, and apparently she is doing fine now. But somehow, she couldn’t make it to twitter to thank people. The least she could have done. Or did she? I might have missed it. I stand to be corrected if I’m wrong please. As far as I know though, it was her campaigners that did the thanking. To be very candid, I still have my doubts about that one. But it’s moot. Over and done with.

I remain ambivalent, but I still will go on with my diatribe. This man apparently needs $100,000. He claims to have spent over 5million (no currency specified) in 2 years. I have some questions to ask. Doesn’t he have family? Doesn’t he have friends? Doesn’t he have fellow celebs? Isn’t there some sort of music artiste guild? Have banks stopped giving out loans? Debbie was not a celeb. He is. I see a huge gap, and I see nothing filling it. I do not try to insinuate that we shouldn’t help in any way we can, but I know I speak for a lot of people when I say that this situation is just WRONG! I hear some of his friends and understudies have donated. Good enough. I don’t care how much they did donate, I’m not here to critique that, cos at least they did something. But let’s think. 1 million naira per table at the DKM concert. Somebody must have sat down with John the Baptist that night. I don’t know why the news/entertainment bloggers have no pictures for that yet. Imagine it though. Is this selfishness? Or do we term it plain thoughtlessness? Do not say that people are donating anonymously, ‘cos the total amount contributed now is not even up to a quarter of what is needed. And yet a crashed Porsche apparently got an automobile surgery and makeover. I hesitate to name names. But we all know. Oh yes, there’s insurance covering the car, but really? I agree that the money is theirs to spend as they would. I agree that nobody made the money for them. But I’m also of the opinion that if you’re in a position to help, you should. Believe it or not, every life on this planet is linked, animal and plant alike. It’s a cycle, if for no reason other than the fact that we share air. Need I go on?
There is a rottenness in man that always amazes. We all are that way, some, to a greater degree than others. Not 5 hours ago I saw a tweet, that OJB could die, for all the fellow cared. I felt sad. Very much so. Because you see, even though it’s not our duty to donate, and we all are indignant about the nonchalant attitude the ‘stars’ seem to be portraying, it is wrong to offhandedly wish him dead. It is not even humane. That is one very bad apple.

I hear that the celebs are praying.(Snort) I can’t help but laugh. As one of my followers tweeted, they should drop money, and leave the praying to us. Indeed, that is just the way it should be. I hear there’s a concert to raise the money. In this, I can laud the organizers. It will go a long way, I pray. Still, I cannot find the word to qualify my sentiment, if he’s sick, we should only hear a plea for prayer, not a word about money. Wait. Chill a minute. Say, Iyanya got terminally ill (God forbid), are we going to get pleas for money too? Ah! The world don spoil be that o. If by himself he doesn’t have that money, it will be found somehow o. Banks dey, not so? With this same reasoning, I stand on my word. This nationwide plea? It remains WRONG! Our contribution as fans is to buy their CDs, hype them, buy tickets to their shows, not, never, to pay their hospital bills. But then, no be naija we dey again? A health insurance would have taken care of most of the problem. But in Nigeria? It is here that the unseen will be seen.(Sigh)

In all this, I remain human. This critique just says what most of us think, but won’t say. What am I saying? Some have said already, but were shunned. Maybe I will be too. And as for those that haven’t thought this deep about this issue, well… I tend to be practical. To say things as I see them. As ever, I am no authority on my own. If I have made any errors here, feel free to correct me. This is just MY viewpoint. And hey, we all are different, and think differently. But as I was saying, I remain human, and so I will add my widow’s mite, ambivalent and indignant though, as I am. If you haven’t already, you should do the same. If we are being scammed, there is a God. But if what we hear is true, and we let a man die, then what will we have to say to our Creator on that last day? The sands run out in 8 weeks. Maybe less, maybe more. Give, if you have; pray, if it’s all you can. Charity, love, remains the greatest gift of all.

Jadesola Pearl

….Still scribbling for GlowNaija Blog. Peace.

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4 thoughts on “OJB Lives…Or Lives On

  1. I heard OJB said in a video he has jst 2m nw, im sure he hs non- celeb friends, nd families Wu must av dropped sm money. Don jazzy,ice prince,2face, I hear drpd 1m,500k, 1.5m respectively, and sm odas we MAY NOT kno, so hw come its still just 2m???- it is either OJB ws TOLD 2 say dat so as 2 hasten pips to help OR dose counting d money are from INEC!
    For d “funny” pips( replace dat wit stupid) Wu took to lambasting celebs on twitter, blogs saying dey did not donate and dey be buying exotic tins and all, I say to u- U load BIS 1K/1K5 monthly, buy tins for ur boo, visit cinemas, U use posh phones, yet! U av neva given a LAGOS BEGGAR #200( check ur criticizing soul). The last time I checked, STV, CNN, BBC, stoped donating celebs frm dia offices for adverts.( U nid ur brain 2 get dat) PLUS wen any of ur friends fall ill, I wonder if U ever stoped buying recharge cards or eating wot U want???, so leave d celebs and dia buyings!
    GIVING IS GRACE AND GIFT PLUS IT IS NOT TO A PUBLIC AFFAIR!. To pearl, I assume U av donated @ least 1k to d gtb acc to save Ojb?. He lives!, remove d on.


  2. it true… There is definately a beef in d music industry… Wizkid can afford to buy a porshe worth 50M, don jazzy can afford to pop d world most expensive champagne…. Y is it difficult to curve 16M???????????

    God punish any of them dat goes to d studio 2 do ”tribute to OJB”


    • Bros! Or weda U be geh, did U read d first comment??? Don jazzy already droped, and dat champagne U talking bou was a gift! Wot if wiz kid don donate too, make e no buy car again???


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