This Letter Will ‘BREAK’ Your Stubborn Heart

Dear Friend,

I figured YOU have chosen to believe in just what YOU see around YOU, and have not taken cognizance of what lies within YOU. This has made you build a strong impenetrable wall around your heart and consequently see nothing good about yourself. This is why I have written this letter to help YOU discover the world of possibilities that lie within YOU.

YOU are not a waste!

There’s just a little over seven billion humans (statistics say 7,123,500,000) walking the surface of the earth, and there’s all this noise about ‘OVERpopulation’.

Experts may plot graphs and convince Governments of this World that our planet has become overpopulated but that’s not God’s opinion because every single thing He created has a purpose; nothing in this World that breathes is useless. The increasing population of the human race is actually something which brings great delight to God; for Him, its a dream come true. Remember, he commanded Adam, the first man to ‘be fruitful and multiply’, God predetermined this increase and it is in no way a thing of inconvenience to Him. Governments all around the World can moan and cry about overpopulation all they want, from God’s point of view, ‘the more, the merrier!’

Listen, YOU are not surplus to requirements, YOU are not useless! The  number of humans on earth are not too many for God to bless, His blessings are more than enough to go round everyone ten thousand times and over.
God is delighted to have YOU here, He has never seen and will never see your being as a mistake, I happen to agree with Him on that, and so must YOU. It’s high time YOU stopped seeing yourself as just another face in the crowd.

Friend, YOU are a seed planted by God; a fruit-bearing plant, a much needed vessel! Don’t let the spiritual myopia of this world relegate YOU, it does not matter if there are millions of people out there doing what you can do or would love to do. It might interest you to know that every of the persons doing that thing you wish to do all have their dedicated audience and so if you start out today, you can be rest assured that somebody somewhere somehow will go out of his/her way to flag you up for following. Go on and do your thing, it’s the work of your hands that people want to see and its the same work God will bless.

Remember, the greatest risk in life is ‘not taking any risk’; being idle or choosing to be discouraged is much more cumbersome than exuding great confidence and motivating oneself. Be not discouraged rather, be encouraged. YOU are not useless, YOU ARE USEFUL, EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT. You are neither a waste of space nor are you surplus to requirements. Rather, YOU are a much needed vessel.

So go on and take the World by storm. Bring out all the good that’s in YOU, a good number of persons will definitely see and appreciate it because, good stuff doesn’t stay in the shadows for long.

The thick walls that made sure you never saw the positive side of you have now been broken down. Go forth, SHINE and have fun being great…


Adesanya Temitope

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2 thoughts on “This Letter Will ‘BREAK’ Your Stubborn Heart

  1. This is upliftin, wat downtrodden nd desperate pple nid 2 hear evry day, if only evry youth in Nigeria culd get access 2 dis word of lyf….tnks dear, kip it up


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