NIGERIA, we hail thee!!!

“Mr Speaker Sir, I move for the adjournment of this sitting to 30minutes from now, and in the streets, seeing as you are resisting impeachment”.

I expect that if proceedings were as they should have been, this would probably been the last motion made before the mayhem began. Unfortunately, the speaker wasn’t even around. But, I jest, and this is a very serious matter. We have thugs at the helm of government. A boxing spree, after a Kangaroo Plenary; Ladies and Gentlemen, we have belted wrestlers ruling us. Mace broken( a fake one, indeed), computers destroyed, serious injuries, with our able Police Officers looking on, it can only be described as a free-for-all. What can I say? “Iz nothing”.

We are part of a society where grown up men, no, make that old men, with kids and grandkids think it befitting to exchange punches ‘cos they want both the governor and the speaker. Impeached. At this point, please, could you get to your feet and give these men a standing ovation? They surpass all my imaginations of immaturity and self-centredness. The very epitomes of greed and corruption. That ovation? Can we have an encore? They have acted out a script that didn’t even need direction. Marvelous, I tell you!

We’ll push that into the background and bring out Act 2: Scene 1. 42 students and a teacher killed by Boko Haram members in Mamudo, Yobe. Some of these students were burnt alive, and their bodies are now beyond recognition. A 12- year old got shot in the chest, his 10-year old brother in the back. Their father could but weep. A 15-year old had his hand shot off, and got to watch one of the most horrific things ever. Watching fellow schoolmates burn to death. You know the really awesome thing? Many Nigerians are only hearing of this for the first time through this article. I kid you not. But everybody heard about the thuggery that rules Rivers state. I weep for this country. What are we to do? There are still bombings and attacks by Boko Haram every other week, and we are so used to it that we don’t feel as horrified anymore. We just sigh and go on with our lives. This, when we even hear about it. Majorly, it gets swept under the carpet. Fellow Nigerians, do you know your President’s comment as regards this last attack? Hehehe…” The terrorists will burn in hell”. In all honesty, that statement is why I am ranting today. Burn in hell ke? We know they most definitely will, but till then nko? The citizens of the country burn here on earth? God forbid! What sort of ineptitude is this? How can we feel safe in the hands of thugs and weaklings? GEJ is telling us to remain sitting ducks, until maybe they stick a grenade under that copious hat of his. Maybe then will he sit up and do something.

I hear that a Lebanese man was attacked and kidnapped on Tuesday, 8th July, 2013. Big surprise. E don tey na. I was starting to wonder if kidnappers don rich finish. Maybe they don’t need the proceeds from their dodgy ways anymore. I laugh. It is until a very important British or American personality is kidnapped that everyone will sit up. You think it impossible? Naija jazz is strong o. Don’t think it. Our jazz can surpass all their security aides and convoys. (Wink)

I write, because it is all I can do in the circumstance. Mayhap the right people will see, and do something. But that is a very incredible wish. Nothing will be done, as always. We remain sitting ducks, praying the next explosion will not be over our heads, that we move from this location to the next safely, that tomorrow we can have enough for three square meals. I mean, where does one start? Erratic electricity supply, absent water supply, disaster causing roads, poor drainage systems, poor education quality, high cost of living, the insecurity? The list goes on. I suppose we could take to the streets too and start wacking ourselves with camera tripods and maces like our papas in Rivers. Then again, we could remain quiet and prayerful, hopeful for the best. It is all we know how to do. It is afterall why we are Good People, Great Nation. Forgive me though, if I still do not see the greatness in this Nation.

Jadesola Pearl

….Scripting for GolwNaija…


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