AIT sacks TWO….and there’s a MYSTERY

I think Nigeria is the most amazing country on the planet. Really. All I see is a decline in law and order. We have plunged from low to underground. Let me give a brief and concise reporting of this last situation about Major Hamza Al-mustapha.

Al-mustapha was Abacha’s Chief Security Officer. He was charged with murder and attempted murder of  many people, most prominent is Kudirat Abiola, wife of MKO Abiola.
 After Abacha’s demise, he was prosecuted, and sentenced to
death by hanging by the Lagos High Court On 30 January, 2012. He appealed, and after so long on the case, he was finally discharged and acquitted on 12 July, 2013.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but murder is murder. How the heck are we to feel safe with a notorious serial offender on the loose? What, we don’t have enough problems already, we have to release a man accused of crimes against the state? What is their plan exactly? Take us out one by one? Do they still need him for another hit or series of hits? This definitely doesn’t spell good.

I will now take your minds back to an incident that occurred a couple of months ago, when an ‘unlucky-to-be-caught’ fellow stole Aregbesola’s phone. His sentence? 45years! 45years in prison for stealing a mobile phone! And yet a man who has been accused of murder is walking free.  Am I the only person seeing the rottenness of our judicial system? You do not feel it yet? Here’s another LATEST BIZARRE development.

“The chairman of Daar Communications, High Chief Raymond Dokpesi, fired the high profile duo of Gbenga Aruleba and Imoni Amarere. Both were fired on Saturday over the airing of a material concerning the acquittal of Major Hamza Al Mustapha which the management of AIT considered inflammatory and capable of stoking religious violence.

“…inflammatory and capable of stoking religious violence” hmmn, i like that excuse.

Until his sack though, Aruleba was the Chief Editorial Adviser of the television station. A source at the station told The Post that trouble started when Dokpesi stormed into the studio during the 8pm news on Friday and stopped the news midway over the Special Report on the acquittal by Aruleba. The obviously miffed Dokpesi then summoned Amarere, Executive Director, News, and queried him as to why he allowed such a report to air, to which Amarere said there was nothing wrong with the report. Not done with Amarere’s response, he demanded explanation from Aruleba who allegedly retorted: “Chairman, go and do your politics, let us as journalists do our work of reporting.” The tone of the response further angered Dokpesi who immediately told both men of their sack and went on to name replacements for them.
The station which is in arrears of salaries and wages might run into further problems as Aruleba has demanded for the payment of all his outsanding wages before his sack can take effect. We also learnt that Kunle Adewale, a senior hand at the station, has thrown in the towel giving unfavourable working condition as reason.”

Do you now see? Do you now understand? People have started to lose jobs for speaking the truth. This is where it starts. It is how it started before. Two AIT reporters uncovered something about Mustapha’s release, and aired it. Their Boss, who’s a PDP stalwart takes offence and sacks them both. So much for Africa’s INDEPENDENT Television. I don’t even know whether to laugh, weep, or cower in a corner somewhere. The station even owes salaries in arrears. Dear God. What is the way forward? Is there even a way forward? We are sinking in
quicksand, and a greater percentage of the population remains oblivious. So journalism has always been a risky profession but this new turn is taking us closer to communism don’t you think? What next? They jail reporters? They are pulling the carpet out from under our feet people, and the end of is that we’d be landing on our heads, that can’t be good. We need to do something. We need to do that something fast!
What, I do not know. I have but one thing to say: Pray, people, pray for Nigeria. As for me, I’m trying to decide whether or not to stay anonymous. I know we don’t have CIA and stuff, though i recall they did try to monitor our online activities but still…hehehe. Anyways, rules are rules. My name has to be revealed. I’m thankful, at least, that there is no ‘boss’ to give me the sack for speaking my mind.

In that vein, I remain..

Jadesola Pearl

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