#ChildNOTBride: The ScapeGoats.

The best of my critiques are given when I’m really angry and upset. I think it’s the same with breakup songs. Impassioned, deep, maudlin. But here I’m speaking of irrelevances, and there’s no time for that.

They want our signature, so we can petition against child brides. Nobody asked for our petitions though, so that ASUU would return to work. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support child marriages. I loathe the very idea passionately, in fact. I have my own opinions, but I’ll save them for last. I want to make a go at being impartial, and looking at this from both standpoints.

Yerima and some other senators want child marriages legalized. According to a BC I got this morning, he claims that he can give out his daughter in marriage. She is but 6 years old. He also claims that sexual intercourse does not have to occur until she consents, as rape is against the Shari’ah law. Point noted. I have no idea if he actually said these things. I’m just reporting what I read.

Now, on my TL, a faction of tweeps are in support of this bill. Surprise, surprise; they are muslims. This is no slur on the religion. Everyone has doctrines, religious or otherwise. Anyway, these people are of the opinion that the #ChildNotBride scheme is a waste of time, and is the product of jobless ignorami.

Wow. Indeed, I’ve been educated on all the points of hypocrisy that this hashtag conotes. Apparently, most of the people against child marriages are paedophiles themselves who have
sex with girls under the age of 18. Right. Also in their favour, is the fact that primary and secondary school girls indulge in sexual activities without the consent of their parents. This is no falsehood, then again, the end is near. I agree to some of their points. Actually, only to the last argument, but, hey, there’s more to come.

On the other hand, there’s the pro #ChildNotBride faction. The people that do not want their baby girls to die during labour. They are the ‘ignorami’ that see legalization of child marriages as legalization of rape and child abuse, infringement on Child Rights, and the beginning of an era of sexually transmitted diseases and other related health problems. These people, of course, make up the majority. Some muslims will have it that these people know nothing, because their law allows it. This faction is disgusted really, with the very idea. I know not if
there are actually hypocrites in this group, but honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Now, my opinion. I’m very glad about this new development. My 10year old brother has been crushing on this girl in his class for some months now. As soon as they get their stuff legalized, imma be up in that wedding planner’s office getting the best wedding possible for my lil’ bro and his crush. Yessire, that’s what I said.

For the sake of clarity, and people not very familiar with sarcasm, I have to further explain. It is one thing for the Islamic Law to allow child marriages, and then it is yet another for the Federal Republic of Nigeria to legalize paedophilia. Do you get me now? Legalizing child marriages is hand-in-hand with making the abuse of little girls by their teachers legal. It is opening the door to child prostitution. It is subjecting little girls to adulthood before they are done being children. It is letting infatuated teenagers make mistakes that they would live with for the rest of their lives because they would now have the free-will to marry who they wish to; parents’ consent or no.
It is increasing maternal mortality.

It is making a child a parent. I understand the argument. The world is not as it once was. Children and teenagers are spoilt and will keep despoiling themselves, but is that enough reason to make it legal? If one sits down and thinks really well about this, there is but one conclusion: making this nonsense lawful will destroy this generation and the next. A 12year old will be able to sass her dad and say ‘afterall, I’m old enough to be married’. Hian! May we not see evil. Go ahead! Make child marriages legal! Destroy the only future Nigeria can hope on.

What pains me most, is the fact that as ever, the females suffer it all. In war and in peace, females bear the brunt. Females and children. Always at the bottom of the pyramid. It’s easy for Yerima to give out his daughter, afterall, she is but a mere female.(Sigh)

I could go on and on, there is a lot left unsaid, but we can read
between the lines. I’m a Christian, and my Bible tells me to tell the truth, and let the devil be ashamed. This is an admonishment that isn’t restricted to christians alone. Put religion aside, and use common sense. Forget western culture. Even in the olden days when parents bethroded their children at birth, or even before birth, the children lived with their parents till they were of age. But as my friend Bass rightly stated: “Religion is the one problem this country has”.

I remain..
Jadesola Pearl

Inking for GlowNaija, and I retain my position. They are children, not parents. Let them be.

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5 thoughts on “#ChildNOTBride: The ScapeGoats.

  1. Reblogged this on Daiquiri and commented:
    This is my oh-so-passionate critique. You might label it a sequel of my previous post on this child marriage issue. Read, ruminate, comment, and follow GLOWnaija 🙂


  2. Hmmm… U wer a lil non-commital in the sixth paragraph. I almost ended my perusal there and then…
    Altogether, a striking piece. U have force, I must commend you. Like you were hammering my head **incidentally, I also have a slight headache**
    I served in sokoto (finished feb this year) I know wat Im saying wen I declare that if childbride was made a poll upnorth, it wuld return with a 100% pro-vote. These men’s idea of valentine would make the civilised world scream “child abuse”. I saw girls not old enuf to bath themselves carrying children on their backs to get “used to it”. I taught in a school wer I was the only unmarried person in a SS1 classroom. That bad. Even the educated “illiterates” among them are not excluded. Shame on the north for their backward ways and double shame on the rapscallion “western” senator who chose to imp himself with the north “maigidas” and their neanderthal ways


  3. Hello Blogger, in as much that I’m not in support of legalizing child marriages due to the moral instability in Nigeria. I would like to open you to something you may not have paid much attention to. Firstly, as a muslim, God has chosen the best path for us and that’s why he has made it compulsory for us to seek knowledge of him before worship. To avoid confusion and chaos? I think so. Islam teaches us that if a girl is to get married at a tender age (which is not compulsory). Her education, her upbringing would now be responsibility of the husband and quote; A man is not ready for marriage unless he’s capable of doing these things, providing basic amenities, educating the family amongst many others. In as much as I’ll like to explain more of the little I know, I’ll leave u with the fact that a child marriage, if threaded with sincerity and islamically, does not disturb the child’s education. It’s all in the hands of her and her parents to decide whether she’s ready or not THROUGH DIALOUGE, not force. Islam is never practised by force. A good example I cited is the current minister of education who I heard married at age 15. I dunno how true tho. Nevertheless, I believe Nigeria and Nigerians are not capable of child marriages as many who call for it do so for otherwise selfish reasons and those who uncall for it, its cool too but kinda harsh I think. It will probably be abused as one thing that upholds the morals there-in is missing; THE FEAR OF GOD. Its just unfortunate that it may be only this blog I’m commenting on. I’m not really the blogging type. In conclusion, child marriages shouldn’t be legalized in Nigeria and Islam supports it. Because if something is detrimental to your growth n development, Islam urges us to avoid it. May God forgive us and make it easy for all of us. Ameen. Peace!


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