The Blame Game of Cheating

“Sometimes you just get weak when you see the activities of love around you. Girls be saying he’s cheating on me or
he cheated on me, guys be saying she was too cheap, why did she open her legs for me so easily!. Even the society believes that a guy cheating is normal and accepted but a woman cheating is despicable. I had an argument with a friend of mine couple of days ago about this “CHEATING” issue, and he said guys are not to be blamed because girls give it cheaply or easily, and that they should be wise and smart when it comes to guys’ issue. Well I do not think anybody can be too wise or too smart, people that are wise get duped or dumped. Let me share a story of Bukky my friend(not real name). Bukky is a brilliant,
intelligent, smart and upright lady. She was top in her class in the university. She was dignified by lecturers and students as perfect. She met Tayo(not real name)
at a petrol station when she went to get fuel for her generator. Tayo was handsome, tall, dark and well built. He drove close to her when she was done
and heading home, said hello, they did all the formalities and she exchanged contacts with him. They enjoyed calls and text messages from each other, till it was time to see again. She invited him for her
final year dinner in school. That night, he officially asked her out and they started dating. Bukky fought her feelings, but she was crazy in love with him. They saw each other every week, she would go to his house and vise-versa. When school was over Bukky had to home for the holiday before returning for project defense. She traveled on a tuesday
to be back the next monday, Tayo apparently felt bad at she leaving but he had to let her go. Bukky missed Tayo so
much so that on saturday she packed her bags and told her parents she would leave on sunday. Wanting to give
Tayo a surprise, she went straight to his house. There, she met the door opened, and heard giggles from the bedroom. She
slowly opened the room door and found him in bed naked with a girl. Oopsss!! I would stop here to make you wonder and tell me where she went wrong or if what he did was a good thing.

Cheating is almost becoming a normal thing in every relationships these days. It is a menace that if not watched, might soon be a right, which our senators will be fighting for in the house of assembly.

Guys would have it that girls are responsible for their cheating. According to them, IF THERE ARE NO LOOSE GIRLS TO CHEAT WITH, GUYS WON’T HAVE TO CHEAT! They will stay faithful, knowing that there’s no girl other than their girl who gives a hoot about them. If girls weren’t so greedy, always wanting a lot of things and never certain about what they really want. Some are even impatient. Without all these, guys wouldn’t cheat. So, because girls are thirsty for money and baubles, they become cheap, and guys HAVE TO cheat. Enough said.

Girls, on the other hand cheat because some of them believe their man can’t provide all they need. By ‘all they need’, I think they mean love, coitus, and money. I’m not sure there’s anything else. They also cheat when they find out they are being cheated on. Therefore, the blame is on the dudes for not being enough, and also for cheating on them. Anything else?

Personally, I think both excuses are extremely stupid. I think the real reason why people cheat is because they have no self-control. i.e. They have long-throat. But that’s just my little opinion. I’ll now throw the question open. Who do you think is more to blame for cheating in relationships, and why? Do comment and share with us.

Olabisi Vanessa.

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About Olumide Lawrence

OLUMIDE LAWRENCE is a writer, an artiste and a publicist. Started out as a PLAYER, now I am a Relationship COACH. Follow me on twitter @ilummynation and instagram @glowville Facebook: Olumide ilummynation Lawrence. BBM: 2A3B059E, 7E15126B.

2 thoughts on “The Blame Game of Cheating

  1. we have blame man more becos ,is man wil go to another girl and tell her dat he loves her not knowin dat he has another girl friend and de girl may even ask him and he lie to her .so is de man dat isde cause of all dat cheatin becos is difficult to see a girl dat tell a man i lov u


  2. I’d lik to agree wiv u dt cheating is causd by Long-throat…bt i wuld also say that both parties r to b blamed,dependin on whuz side the fault is from..Cheating is a personal tin,itz frm inside,it is concievd..but smtin or sm1 must av pushd it..


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