Blunt And True



Are you in a relationship, or you are about to get into one? Are you married or about to get married? Male and female alike, here’s something you need to realize.
What you are about to read will be blunt, but it is very essential to your happiness in a relationship and in marriage.

Here’s my own little piece of advice:


#1. To get a dream man, You must be a dream woman. There’s no such thing like a perfect human being. To be waiting for a perfect partner is to wait for life.

#2. Be very mindful of your age when making your plans.

#3. Raise your standard and not your expectations. Your
standard is your good personality which attracts good men while your expectation is your vain dreams which attract fake
men. If your expectations are too high, no man will be good
enough. When no man is good enough you end up waiting for
long. When you are tired of waiting You may end up settling for less.

#4. In a relationship all men falls into four categories;
*A boy
*A player
*A confused man and
*A real man
What you are looking for will determine what you get if you are being honest and truthful to yourself. To know if he is for real, play the time game, but not for too long.

#5. If he gets you easily, He will leave you quickly. If you are
easy to get you will be easier to forget.

#6. Be flexible but be very sensible.

#7. Play hard to get but not hard to want.

#8. How you present yourself sometimes determines where a
man place you.

#9. Looking for a real man when you are not a real woman is
like looking for a fish in the rain forest.

#10. Wise men don’t date fake women. The only place you can find a fake woman is temporarily in the heart of a foolish
man. But when the fool becomes wise, The wise person is in
serious problem.

#11. Avoid too much drama if you want a man. No man wants a shameless woman.

#12. A horrible past can affect a spotless future. Don’t enjoy the present at the expense of the future.

#13. You can ask for a man’s attention, But never demand for
his love. Demanding for a man’s love is like begging for love.
You can never keep what you don’t have.

#14. If he shows you off to everyone at anywhere he is still in

#15. If he hasn’t proposed he is probably still doing research. But be wise enough to decipher a man that will never propose.

#16. If you are too demanding and your expectations are too
high he will run away.

#17. If he complains always about your pasts he’s not ready for you.

#18. If he wins your heart with cash he may not stay for long.

#19. If you are fake or materialistic he will see no wife in you.

#20. If he promise anything in bed, please don’t believe him.

#21. If he can’t stop talking about his EX get yourself prepared.

#22. If he can’t find happiness at home He will never be at

#23. If you nag a lot,, He will take a walk.

#24. If you make the first move, He will think you’re desperate and cheap.

#25. If he’s not ready, you are on holiday.

#26. If you are afraid of him you can never be free with him. If you are not free with him it will be hard to get along. If you
can’t get along don’t play along.

#27. If he beat you once he will beat you again. If he slaps you and says its a mistake, He can also break your head and say its another mistake.

#28. If he doesn’t propose after 5years, He may never propose
for life.

#29. If he’s too possessive life can be a hell.

#30. If he’s a control freak, your confidence and self esteem is at stake.

#31. If he start preaching endurance at the initial stage of
meeting him, Its either he’s broke, Just lost his job or just lazy
and waiting for luck.

#32. If he wakes you up crying in the middle of the night, He’s about to tell you a story that might break or make your life.

#33. Never fall for his height without checking his heart. There’s no point in good looks when he’s horrible at heart. Where a man is going is far better than where he stands in life.

#34. Age has nothing to do with maturity, growing old and
growing up are never the same. Dating older guys doesn’t
guarantee anything in a relationship There’s no age set to be wise or foolish in life. But if he has no direction at 40 you might need to shift camp.

#35. If he is GOD fearing you are good to go. If He’s not meant for YOU he can NEVER be for YOU. Never search for a man without praying to GOD.

#36. Never date a guy forever if a relationship is not going to
work. Don’t be the last person to leave.

#37. Whoever is used to being free will surely hate control. Men love freedom while women love attention. Never deprive a man of his freedom. Give him his space and never choke him. The reason why many men are afraid of commitment is because they are afraid of a women who are very possessive during courtship or dating. They think such women can make life miserable when they finally settle down.

#38. Marriage is not a career while relationship is not a job. No man wants a liability. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you look, do something with your life. Marriage doesn’t mean your life has to stop.

#39. When you rely on a man for everything, Be ready to accept anything he throws at you. Be financially independent. Decision making can be very difficult if your man is your only source of income in life. Many women are stuck in miserable situations because they are relying on their man for everything in life.


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