The Police Story

Sgt Chris Omeleze

Sgt Chris Omeleze

Would you risk a 21-year long career for a paltry sum of N25,000? Well, this bros did o! And I have a strong feeling that ‘extra-terrestial’ forces may be at play here; as in, I am convinced without any iota of doubt that ‘owo-aye’ must be fully involved.

You must have heard about or even watched the police officer who was caught on video for demanding some ‘change’ from a motorist. Regardless of what you say or think, Sgt Chris Omeleze is a celebrity now. His premiere video has had no less than 117,000 hits (and still counting) on you-tube, this reminds us of the story of Farouk Lawan who was also caught on camera. What does this suggest anyway? That many Nigerians live on bribes? Well, latest report is that Chris Omeleze has been dismissed from the police force, but our business here would not be solely on Chris as it were; let’s take things a notch higher and evaluate the black on black profession as a whole; let’s talk about the current happenings in our Police Force.

There’s word around town that officers are compelled to lose N5000 of their salary to the procurement of some ‘shares’ with Fokas Savings and Loans Limited and a compulsory contribution to the World Police and Fire Games.
Really, I have nothing against the purchase of shares and
a wise investment in the future, what I wouldn’t stand for is the fact that the deductions were made without the knowledge and or consent of these poor officers. And why can’t the federal government just take care of the contribution for the games?

Maybe I’m just an ignoramus, but if the ‘dues’ we see our beloved officers demand of motorists and other victims is anything to go by, I’d say our policemen need a raise definitely not deductions.

They’ve gotten promises of a better welfare package since the
inception of the new Inspector General’s administration, but from all indications that’s all they’ve gotten… Promises.
I don’t understand how promises of better welfare translate to
unwarranted, unsolicited and forceful deductions in salary! The IG has made laudable assertions that he would not preside over a corrupt police force, and it looks as though there’s zero tolerance for corruption truly (the reason why Omeleze has been promptly dismissed from service after a room trial); no one needs a corrupt police force anyways. But think about this for a moment, which is worse; a corrupt police force or a malnourished, impoverished group of police officers who cannot even decide how to spend their own money on patrol?

The uniform just becomes an empowerment to unleash frustration on civilians, and a tool to bully us into paying for our ‘ununiformedness’.

There are several other ‘Omelezes’ that are yet undiscovered. But it beats me to think of how a trained security personnel could be oblivious of his being caught on camera.

Anyways, if you’ve not seen the video, check it out here
Nollywood should probably start recruiting from the police force.

Olarinde Samuel

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