The gods Are Not To Blame

Boy, am I glad to be back here! It’s been weeeeeeeeks, and a lot of things have been happening. Plenty things to critique, and yo gal, Jadesola is here with her hammer. Time to go ‘bang, bang, bang’ on the nails. Straight on the head!

Today, I have Wizkid, COZA, and BBA on my mind. I’d love to give y’all a piece of it. Brace yourselves; from past experience, you should know I tend to be brutally honest.

Wizkid…hmmm. Pompous, I would say. Non-reflective too. Immature, I think he still has a lot of ‘child’ in him. That silly thing he said to a fan. I suppose one gets to a level where you can say such things to people, but definitely not when you’re such a public figure. Not when your fame depends on the same people you demean. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been surprised if a lady had said such a thing. But a dude? Guys are not usually so petty. And then he went on to have another word exchange with J.Martins. I see that his ‘stardom’ has gotten to his head. Even Don Baba would not insult a fan in such a
manner. I have a niggling  feeling the guy he insulted is older than him. It’s a pity that now respect is given to he who has money, not he who deserves it.

The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly. No offense, and God have mercy on me, but how do people come up with these church names? Commonwealth of Zion? Really? Hian. But let’s not digress. Ese was a victim, albeit a willing one. The first time I read her story, I got confused in the paragraph when she explained the affair. I mean, let’s be real here. It didn’t happen once, so we can’t excuse her by saying she was drunk or afraid. It certainly wasn’t a mistake. I was starting to think it was jazz, but she refuted that one too. So, what was going on?  Why was it so difficult to say NO? I get that he threatened her and played with her psychology, but even then, things don’t add up. I did feel very deeply her pain though. I do not think she lied. I just think she was as much a part of it as he was. No, she didn’t seduce him, but she didn’t refuse him either. If people are still antagonising her, they should stop. I rather think she has paid enough for her sins, such as they are. As for Pastor WhatsHisFace, the bible does say we should speak no evil against God’s anointed, and that remains the barrier restricting me from a verbal crushing of his character. One thing though, people still attend the church. In masses and droves. I really wonder why.

Glory be to God, BBA finally ended, and I am no longer subjected to useless info on what Melvin or Beverly or any other star porn artist is doing on live TV at the moment. I say again, yes, and if it offends, too bad, but the people that watched and followed BBA, I have questions about their IQ. Yup. Serious questions. How does one justify to oneself watching live streaming of pornography on international TV.
How can you sit down to watch people of questionable character bathe, sleep, dance, have sex, drink, smoke, and dress like sluts to win money. How? Do people think of these things? One person woke up at 6am one monday morning to watch the housemates SLEEP! Pure insanity, I tell you. What value has the show added to your life in the space of 90 days? What have you gleaned? Has it made you a better person? Or has it taught you that the life of a wastrel is the life you should have? Do you now have a great desire to be a porn artist? I have a bone to pick with the christians who claim to be ‘born-again’ but still watch such rot. The devil is building gradually, and you are a glad labourer. O ma se o. Instead of them to come up with a show that promotes African culture, at the very least, intelligence, talent, smarts, beauty, they instead portray a useless way of life. A way of life that most people are ashamed of. Or should be. So, they tell us, that we can be immoral; not just in private, but for the world to see and judge. Oh, and by doing so, we gain a lot of money. The End is indeed near.

I am not one to throw stones, nevertheless, I glean a lot of hypocrisy in our society. We accuse Wizkid of pride, but I bet a lot of us have said and done worse things with our shoulders high and our heads puffed up. I know Ese was a farm tool that slept with a pastor, but you, yes you. Do you remember that fornication is a sin, regardless of who you commit it with? Leaving sin aside, have you not had sex with another woman’s man? Do you not wear tight, revealing clothes to church? Every sunday I see tweets about the way girls dress to church.
One day a girl even twitpicd, and her breasts were barely inside her gown. Just a small awkward movement and everything will pop out. Are you not guilty too? The pastor sinned too. Gravely. But you, would you do different in his
shoes? Do you not also seduce girls and leave them? Do you not also covet what is not yours? Are you faithful to your partner?

The BBA housemates are sluts and junkies, okay. Now you, do you not drink and smoke too? Do you not party like your life would end if you didn’t? Don’t you sleep around too? Have your nudes not gone over the internet? Don’t you dress like you’re selling your body? Have you not twitpicd the parts of your body that should be private before?

Let us be realistic, the rot is deep. Everyone of us sins, including myself. But check yourself, and remove the log in your eye first. I refrain from critiquing issues I am myself guilty of. I try not to be a hypocrite. I’m trying to enjoin you to do so too.

The bible says “whosoever of you that is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” In my early paragraphs, I put down the opinions I garnered from people, as well as some of mine. I have spoken, and re-evaluated my life too. Now I say, check your own life, what about you?

Jadesola Pearl
@jadesolapearl | Ebonycynic
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2 thoughts on “The gods Are Not To Blame

  1. sin has eaten deep into d souls of men that they now see things of evil as a normal way of life…their conscience is seared with hot iron. indeed we r in d end time!


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