Tuck In Your Tummy


This article is meant to help women of all shapes, ages and sizes. Belly fat, also known as “Love Handles” or “Muffin Top,” does not only affect overweight individual, some slim people are equally affected.

The tummy is usually a major source of concern to many ladies, especially the ones who are very conscious of their body and their overall look. Here is the good news; you can easily ‘tuck in your tummy’. I bet you are wondering and asking HOW. Let me show you.

Besides working out which is the obvious answer to getting rid of body fat (many ladies dread this) you can learn to disguise it with the clothing you wear. A lot of times you will see women do complete opposites. That being, wear oversized clothing or wearing clothing that is TOO tight. That is the first mistake. You MUST wear clothing that fits. If your pants are too tight it will give the illusion that you are larger because the fat will ooze over the edges of your slacks, jeans, etc. The same is true with too large of clothing. A larger top will make you look like a house. Instead, look for a top that cinches at the waist and flares at the hips. It is possible to create this look with a belt as well. Just place your favorite belt around your waist to form a cinched waist line with any of the basic shirts you already own.

Without being too big or small, wear a shirt that fits and layer it with a blazer, jacket, vest or cardigan. That 3 dimensional look will camouflage your love handles and produce a slimming, yet flattering vertical line.

You can also mask your belly with your under garments. First, make sure you are wearing the correct bra. If your chest sags, it will contribute to your stomach region and we want to avoid that at all cost. Second, you can try body shapers, there are so many to choose from, just take your time and find the one that works for you.

body shapers

body shapers

This is my advice; use my suggestions as a temporary fix, but remember it is always best to be in good physical condition. Not only will you look better, but you will feel better. All in all, working out is still the best way to PERMANENTLY get rid of tummy fats.

Have a great day.

Oluwaseun Aderibigbe.

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