More Important Than Love

Chuks looked in the mirror and practiced his smile and handshake for the umpteenth time. He was up against tough competition, and the deal was HUGE! Eniola could tell he was definitely nervous; he looked every bit as handsome as when they had first met, but the aura of confidence that attracted her to him wasn’t quite as evident as was characteristic of him. Quietly, she sneaked behind him, wrapped her arms round him and careful not to smear his grey suit with her makeup, she whispered in his ears ‘you smell good love’. Chuks smiled at that; a genuine smile and she turned him around to face her and sat him on the edge of the bed as he watched her in silence. Sitting gently on his lap, she began calmly…

“Olowo ori mi”, he smiled again at her use of the Yoruba language, “you are going to get this deal, I’m so sure of it…” She sounded so certain and it boosted the confidence in him, as his nerves were gently calmed.

Enough of the story already, I don’t have the definition of love, or shall we call it true love now? But this much I know, if you’re in a ‘relationship’ and your partner (I should probably speak to the brothers now shouldn’t I) is not sensitive enough to know when your self esteem/morale needs some help, you’re doomed! Yep, I said it; doomed. Except you’re just playing ‘koni-koni’ love and you’re out for pleasure at any price, you better start to have a rethink. Forget all other virtues this person might possess, if they can’t believe in your dreams so much so they can help you re-ignite the fire when you’re losing steam, there is danger, as in ‘wahala dey!’

You see there’s no limit to what you can achieve when that one person that means everything to you tells you, with all sincerity ‘I believe in you’. Words are powerful, but even more powerful is the source of those words. Its not enough for them to appreciate your looks, they must believe in the substance that you are made of.

Gotta run now, but before I leave please indulge me and don’t be too critical of my quill…

Love is bliss when its true,
I hear its like the soft touch of the morning dew.
Its a treasure for all
But it abides with few,
If you’ve found it never bid it adieu.

Olarinde Samuel


About Olumide Lawrence

OLUMIDE LAWRENCE is a writer, an artiste and a publicist. Started out as a PLAYER, now I am a Relationship COACH. Follow me on twitter @ilummynation and instagram @glowville Facebook: Olumide ilummynation Lawrence. BBM: 2A3B059E, 7E15126B.

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