Nigeria’s Very Own 9/11

Twelve  years to the day yesterday, aircrafts were hijacked by terrorists in a bid to destroy as many lives as possible in the United States. As serious as this ghastly event was, trust Nigerians to never imagine the parallels in our own country. I’ve noticed that Nigerians tend to try to remove the speck in other people’s eyes, totally ignoring the forest in their own eyes.‬

This country is currently facing it’s own 9/11, or should I say, we have been facing it for a long time. ‪We have leaders in Nigeria, and believe me, they are terrorists in their own right. You don’t understand? Pray, let me explain.‬

‪Imagine our country to be on a plane, once controlled relatively smoothly by past leaders. Of course, there always was turbulent weather, but with the right people in the control cabin, we usually pulled through. In recent times though, this huge plane got hijacked by thugs and weaklings; a very unlikely combination. The results of this occurrence range from damage to the plane to bodily harm to the passengers on the plane. Everyone is trying to sit tight, hoping and praying fervently that the plane will get to the next stop without anyone the worse for wear. Ludicrous hope, really. Considering that the ‘pilots’ are too many, and are forever fighting among themselves, and the members of the crew have no thought for anyone or anything but themselves. Also note, that the plane has been uncared for, and so is sadly lacking the belts, straps, oxygen supply, parachutes, and other things needed to ensure safety.  I imagine that if care isn’t taken, fights among us, the passengers in the plane might lead to breakage, probably of one of the windows. What a catastrophe that would be. Fellow Nigerians, we are trapped in this plane of terror.‬ If you have seen movies about terrorism and plane hijacking, you will probably understand what I’m talking about. Many lives have been lost, many more will be if care is not taken. This plane is headed for destruction and we must fight to save not just ourselves, but this plane that carries all of us.

‪Soon, very soon, we will get to the next stop, as elections are looming once more. Perhaps, there will be a change for better. Perhaps the plane will be taken to its hanger and given the care it needs. Perhaps the crew members will be changed. Perhaps the new crew members will be better, more like those we used to have.  Perhaps we the passenger’s will determine among ourselves to dissolve the factions that lead to the fights and killings. Or perhaps, we will go on as we have been, dying like chickens in an ill-maintained aircraft, with the members of the crew looking on.‬

‪I have no idea what the future holds for this grand ship, but I do know that we have to wrench the control out of the hands of the wrong people. Whether or not we will be able or allowed to remains another disturbing problem. Then again, did I forget to mention that we, the passengers, the ‘suffering’ citizens, the ‘downtrodden’; are quite simply, terrorists to our own selves.

Jadesola Pearl.
GlowVille Crew.

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