Is There Truly An Afterlife?

Heaven's Way.

Heaven’s Way.

Death Is The End. Or Is It?
One of humanity’s oldest questions is whether or not death is
the end of our experiences. All religious speculation aside,
scientifically we know that death is the end, right? Actually,
the scientific community is still debating whether or not there
is an afterlife. People who have legally died and come back
have had claims of experiencing the afterlife, including a
skeptical neurosurgeon.

The Near Death Experience
People who have died and come back have had what is called
a near death experience, or NDE. The interesting thing about
NDEs is that many patients claim to have very similar
experiences, which suggests that they may be more real than
imagined. The question is: Are these experiences only similar
because popular culture has put these common ‘afterlife’
images into their heads?

Light At the End of the Tunnel
There is a so-called ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, which is one of the most commonly reported NDE experiences. Thousands of people who have died and come back report that they saw a white light at the end of a dark tunnel and that they were drawn to go ‘towards the light’ which represented an exit from the body and into the spirit world.

People who experience NDEs have a hard time accepting the
theory that what they experienced was a fantasy or dream.
These people often say that their experience was more real
than real, even more vivid than reality, so much so that the
reality they come back to feels dreamlike and unreal to them.

Is It Just Human Physiology?
One possible explanation of NDEs is that it is a result of a
physiological malfunction in the human brain. Dr. Steven
Laureys of the Coma Science Group believes that when
certain parts of the brain malfunction, a patient will
experience a warped sense of reality. But there is still no hard
science that completely explains the phenomenon of NDEs.

Dr Eben.

Dr Eben.

Dr. Eben Alexander is a neurosurgeon who was skeptical about the idea of an afterlife; that is until he experienced it for himself. Alexander suffered from a rare form of meningitis that put him in a coma for 7 days, and when he was on the brink of death he claims he had an afterlife experience from which he returned.
What has him convinced that there’s an afterlife is the fact that
his cortex – the part of the brain that would create a dream or
fantasy – was completely shut down while having this
experience. His experience included flying through clouds
with higher beings and communicating with them
telepathically. He documented his experience in a book titled
‘Proof of Heaven’.

A similar experience happened to Anita Moorjani who is a Hong Kong cancer survivor. She fell into a coma and crossed over to the other side. She said in her NDE she was “engulfed in a total feeling of love”, got a firm understanding of reality and realized what a gift life was. Her experience has been documented in her book, “Dying to Be Me”.

George Rodanaia spent 3 days in a USSR morgue in 1976; it
wasn’t until an autopsy procedure was begun that he came
back to life. Rodonaia was a fervent atheist before his NDE,
but after he came back he was so convinced of the existence
of an afterlife that he devoted his life to the study of spirituality.

NDEs Positive Side Effects
People who have reported NDEs tend to live happier lives
after the experience as compared to before. They also often
claim to no longer fear death. Perhaps there is a part of the
NDE experience that helps ease the tension of what is considered to be many people’s greatest fear: death.

The vast majority of people who experience NDEs seems to suggest that there might be an afterlife in existence. Heaven and the Hell that religious zealots are warning us about probably exist.

Richard Borutta, a New Jersey alcoholic who died during a liver operation and was revived, claims he encountered spirits who told him he had to make amends before returning to the land of the living.

Currently no one can say for sure whether or not there is an
afterlife. Although there is a lot of anecdotal experience and
several scientific theories to go on, the jury is still out. We
think it’s kind of beautiful that there is one mystery that no
one will really get to the bottom of until the day they die. It’s
something to look forward to. We however advise that you live a good life, so that when you die, you may enjoy afterlife in heaven, if true. And if not…you have at least left a legacy.


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