Alas! There’s Something To Celebrate At 53.

Celebrate Nigeria

Celebrate Nigeria

Happy Independence Nigeria!!!

I would rather be writing on how we should pray, plead before God, and change our ways too, because, as the Bible says; Righteousness exalts a nation, but an innate urge wants me to explain to you how our INDEPENDENCE
is not truly INDEPENDENT.

Fact is, we are only free from the leadership of people of another skin colour. People of our own skin, are colonial masters in their own way, only difference being that they are Nigerians, OUR OWN PEOPLE.

Blind and weak Nigerians. Leaders that fumble in the dark because they want the darkness to hide their illicit activities. Leaders that won’t give their citizens light to guide themselves out of the moor they led them into. But, yaaaaay! NEPA just brought light. So I believe we have

53 Years Ago...Now Nko???

53 Years Ago…Now Nko???

When I’m regaled by my parents about life before the country’s ‘independence’, I almost wish I could go back to that period. But then, I do not want to be ruled by people who think their skin colour is superior. Instead I have to manage colonialists who are probably even more dark-skinned than myself, but who have not my welfare at heart.

I thank God I finished my final exams before the ASUU strike, but even now my results are still held up, so maybe I’m not that much better off. Even if I do get my results, I cannot be sure of my chances in the labour market. What a country, so Independent. May God help us all.

PS: My friend just said to me ‘Happy mumu independence day’. I know it’s wrong, but I find myself agreeing with her, and wishing y’all
too. Have a great month

Hey, I almost forgot… If there’s anything to celebrate at all, it’s HOPE!

We have hope that someday…I believe you can fill the space.

Cheers! Please share this with your friends.

Jadesola Pearl.

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