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His singles ‘SHAWDY’ and ‘MAFI FUN E’, released just a week ago, have been trending on social media sites, and receiving massive air play on radio stations, within Nigeria and even beyond the shores of the country! This young and exciting chap talks about his style of music and his challenges as a budding artiste.

Tell us about yourself.

Shopeyin Kolade Gbolahan Junior is my name, also known as SHO-GZEE. I am the first child in a family of six. I hail from Ogun state. A graduate at Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), where i studied Soil Science and Land Management (Pedology). I’m in my early 20s.

As a graduate of Pedology, how did you find yourself in music?

This question excites me. Music has always been in my life right from my childhood. I started my music career back in my secondary school at Atanda International High School (A.I.H.S) in Ibadan. I was a member of a musical group called X-DEMAND BOIZ. We were four back then in the year 2004 when K-SHO used to be my stage name. But the group broke up and I later left music temporarily in pursuit of my academics because my parents wanted me to get my certificate before becoming a full time musician. I later discovered someone was already flying the name K-SHO in the music industry, that’s what prompted the change of name to Sho-Gzee.
My career really kicked off in 2007, when i took music as my profession and my first duo single back then was MOVE CLOSER and JASSI GBEDU ft TiTi Flavour and D-BOI. Jassi gbedu got a lot of air-play and consequently, I started running both schooling and music together, which was quite tedious for me. Sometimes shows pop up when i will be having a test the next day. But i give thanks to God that I was able to manage both sides well and I graduated well too.

Interesting. You make what kind of music? What genre would you categorize your music?

Basically my kind of muzic is called AFRO-POP. It is what the likes of JAYWON, KLEVER JAY, ISOLATE, 9ICE and LKT are doing. My music falls under that category.

What and/or who serves as your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from three sources: first is God, my producers and my immediate environment. God is my inspiration, because I am not the type of artist that listens to other artistes in order to derive points or to coin my lyrics from their lines. Without God there is no me. The way I operate is; i choose a title for my songs and develop my lines through it, with good delivery and God backing me up.
I know some might wonder why i said my producers are the second inspiration. The reason is that they are the brain behind my beat and the whole production. Without their full support and participation during the whole production process, the song won’t be as good as it should be. This is why I’m sending a shoutout to all my producers: PRODO (soundstudio24) and IRICH (freshbeat) you guys are awesome. thumbs up to you.
Lastly my environment, which comprises of what goes on around me at every moment. I will also include my fans and family, they all inspire me.

It’s a tight world out there in the music industry. What unique ” fresh air” does your music bring to the industry?

I love this question. I make music that will inspire people to dream more, do more, learn more and become more. I also love to sing about love, because I believe that is the solution to every problem in the world. This uniqueness is what I offer to the industry.

You have just recently released two tracks. Tell us about the challenges you faced and how you were able to overcome them.

In all sincerity, producing those tracks was very tedious. I faced a lot of challenges; from the management aspect to the monetary part. It was not easy for me to manage my self, since I am not signed under any label, I did all the running around myself. The song promotion was another challenge I almost fell ill, but for the help of friends and bloggers that later helped. The song promotion and management are the major challenges faced in the course of production.

Is there any artist/artistes you would love to sing with someday?

It is a dream of many upcoming artist to feature a big name, and it’s also a general belief that such names would boost your presence in the industry. I don’t differ on this, only that I have just two in mind. I have always admired Vector’s style of rap, and if there’s an international act I have always admired since childhood, it is Bow Wow, and I would love to work with him someday. So far, I have worked with likes of Skailey, lawal, IRICH, and SliZz da whiZz. They are all great artistes.

Asides music, do you have other plans for yourself as a youth?

I will like to go for my masters degree, but not now because all I’m thinking of now is how to make the best of my music career. I want to reach out to a lot of people through my music.
I plan to be an entrepreneur later; I am nurturing the dream of owning a clothing line. The name is withheld for now.

What is your Advice to other young and upcoming musicians out there?

They should be determined and focused. They need to believe they can learn more, do more, dream more and they should try to become more. Lastly, they should avoid distraction, be persistent on their dream and put GOD first in everything they are aiming for. It’s only God that can make impossibility come to possibility.

As an artiste, do you have a best song from another artiste? Tell us.

Definitely yes! Songs actually. And those songs are ‘African Queen’ from 2face, ‘Top of the world’ by D’banj, and ‘5star’ by Dre-sticks.

Final words?

I will like to say a big thank you to all my friends & family, fans, bloggers, Djs, presenters, for their support and to my manager (Tosin Olakotan @TOlakotan & Bounce) you guyz are the brain behind this success, Kudos to you.

SHO-GZEE’s ‘Shawdy’ and ‘Mafi fun e’ DOWNLOAD

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