Stella Oduah’s Contribution To ASUU

Stella Oduah

Stella Oduah

So the Minister of Education purportedly said the strike will be over in a few months, and I find myself, in one word, amused. I could be furious, irritated, disgusted, indignant, unhappy, skeptical even, but honestly, I’m just vastly amused.

For me, it’s gotten so bad that I don’t even keep up with news anymore. I just stay in my house all day in the embrace of escapist literature, i.e. Novels. No, not romance inclined novels. I left that years ago. On the off-chance that I peek into twitter to see what’s going on, all I see is some form of decadence or the other. Ten minutes on twitter, and I lose twice as many IQ points…points labored for with all those hours of reading. But hey, that’s not what I’m here for.
I was seeing 255million naira and Stella Odua, so I decided to look it up, and I discovered that the Minister of Aviation has at least a fraction of the power, or say..means; resources, to get me out of this cycle of ennui I find myself in.

One person, a single person, a lady,(excuse the gender specification) can afford VEHICLES, that cost 255million naira. Hmmmm…I rather imagine that car should drive her to heaven, no? Someone even said Elijah’s Chariot of Fire didn’t cost that much. Mehn, what are we saying? Jesus rode on a donkey. Not a pony, or a horse. Not an arabian horse. Not even a chariot. He’s still the Saviour of the world, aye?

Apparently, Mr President is furious. Fancy that. All sorts of things have been going on. This year alone, there have been more hiccups than one can begin to recount, but it appears this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. For once he’s not confused, giving placatory speeches. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is actually furious. I swear when I read it, it was like I had an epiphany.

All along, I’ve sided with FG on this strike issue, because I see ASUU for what they are: selfish. Sure, they claim to be trying to improve the educational system, but I’ll key in to what someone told me recently.” As far back as I can remember, the Nigerian Tertiary Educational system has been the way it is now. As much as there are semi-educated graduates, there are also fully educated graduates. The way I see it, the people that want to succeed and be educated, will be, the rest are not hardworking enough”.

Let’s face it, we have more hitches due to difficult lecturers than we have due to lack of infrastructure. We moan, groan, complain, but those of us that are determined still make it. Am I not a graduate?

I do not see what ASUU is fighting for, apart, perhaps, from their pockets. Keeping students at home for months on end is definitely not a step in the right direction, for whatever upstanding reason anyone might have. The Education Minister spewing from his buccal cavity that it will end in ‘months’ is just another glimpse of the extent to which maggots have dug in. An Aviation minister that is able to spend 255million Naira without flinching is yet another.

I think that woman should contribute to the coffers set aside to pay off ASUU. Just drop her own offering.Same as the other Ministers, because I rather think that if one can, then the rest of them can. ASUU will have their demands left, and I can move on with the rest of my life.

I’m still amused by the way the Minister confidently said ‘a few months’. Like that’s exactly what we were waiting to hear. But wetin man pikin go do? Protesting on social media and having TTs to end the strike cannot end it. I’m not sure that Nigerian students are ready to be voluble enough to be heard. Frankly I’m not sure being heard will bring about a change.

I forgot to ask my dad for money to buy a few more books, so I’ll just go  to my bookshelf now(believe me I have a LOT of books, and yes, I’m boasting) and pick a book I’ve perhaps read 3 times already in the past 3-5 years. Nothing spoil. Tomorrow I’ll go get new books. But for now, I have to immerse myself, to escape the thought of the ridicule Nigeria is very likely receiving from the world, with a great percentage of it’s Tertiary educational system at a standstill for the past ‘few months’. I’d just rather not think about it.  

Jadesola Pearl.

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