COWRAGE: Episode 5

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Mama and Ada used the help of the proverbial good Samaritan to get Papa to a good hospital, when the local hospital he was initially rushed him to didn’t have the facilities needed to treat him.

The taxi driver, whose cab was empty was moved with sympathy when he saw Mama wailing outside the local hospital, with Ada confused between consoling her mother and seeking help to carry her father out of the ward to nowhere in particular. The driver approached Ada and she explained her predicament to him. He quickly joined her in lifting the dying Papa into the back seat of his taxi and drove as fast as he could to a private hospital not too far away.

Mama was initially skeptical about taking Papa there. For a moment, she forgot about his health and cared more about the fee they would be charged for treating him in such a big hospital.

“What have you brought us here for?” She inquired frantically. “Ada, you want us to sell our little house and all the properties inside because we want to pay doctors fee?”

“Mama, stop talking like this.” Ada retorted. “Papa’s health is paramount. Let him regain his health, we’ll think about paying the money later.”

Mama started humming inaudible words under her nose, much to the disgust of Ada who just couldn’t fathom why her mother had such an attitude and she silently asked God why he gave her such a mother.

After a few minutes, they were inside the hospital and nurses immediately came to their aid. But the chief nurse explained to them that it was the hospital’s policy not to commence treatment until a deposit has been made. Both Ada and her mother had just #500 on them, and they both knew it wouldn’t suffice; not even pleading with the nurse would make her go back on the hospital’s policy. But the driver came to their rescue once again.

“I have about #5,000 here. Will that be enough to commence treatment?” He asked the nurse.

“Definitely. Pay at the counter, while I get the doctor.” The nurse answered and left them for the doctor’s office.

Mama and Ada were left mouth wide open as they watched the strange taxi driver walk briskly to the counter to settle the bill.

“My son, may you never lack. May you encounter divine helper from above. As you have helped me today, heavens will rise to your help…” Mama was in tears.

“Amen ma. Let’s just keep praying for his health” the taxi driver responded as he took his seat right beside them.

Ada didn’t know what to say. She however muttered a rather weak “Thank you” to the man, which he responded to with a smile. She wondered if he was an angel sent from God to help her father. She believed God loves her father and would not let him die so soon, leaving her at the mercy of her ‘ridiculous’ mother. She was very grateful that the man had come just in time to their rescue. She wanted to ask for his name, but decided to reserve such courtesy till later.

After waiting for about an hour, falling between prayers and sleep, the nurse returned to them and asked the taxi driver, who was the only one awake to see the doctor in his office. Ada woke up and made to go with him, but the nurse asked her to wait with Mama. She reluctantly agreed but couldn’t keep her mind from worrying.

Taking a guess from the movies she had seen; in such cases where the doctor would demand the presence of a man, it probably meant that something very serious must have happened, or at worst, the sick person might have passed on. At this thought, she was struck with fear and developed an instant cold, but she managed to keep herself composed. She didn’t want to send such fear into her mother.

She sprang up immediately the taxi driver appeared, and walked up to him.

“What did the doctor say? Is Papa still alive?”

The taxi driver didn’t say a word until he returned to his seat. He looked at Mama and Ada and said, “He is in a very delicate condition and the doctor said he will be needing immediate surgery.”

“Operation?” Mama wanted to be sure she heard himm right, and he replied with a nod. “Chimoooo ooo” she wailed and Ada quickly ran to calm her down and keep her from disturbing the peace of the hospital.

“What exactly is wrong with him?” Ada asked the taxi driver.

“The doctor said he’s suffering from a disease in his lungs. I can’t remember the exact name he called it. But that’s not the main problem now…”

“What is the problem?” Ada’s face went white with fear.

“The doctor said the surgery has to be done within two weeks if he’ll have any chances of survival. And we have to raise half a million to get it done.”

Mama passed out immediately.


Amaka could hardly concentrate despite the unusual serene atmosphere in Amphi theatre. She was in Dr Abdullahi’s philosophy 101 class. A class notorious for being quite noisy especially if you sit at the upper end of the lecture theatre. But everyone seemed to be interested in the topic “The Existence Of God” and the only voice that echoed down the big hall was that of the lecturer. Amaka however had her mind far away from the lecture, she couldn’t stop thinking about the shocker she got from Tunji on her way to class that morning.

She was a bit embarrassed at the revelation, but simply smiled and asked him to see her later in the evening to talk about it. She couldn’t fathom how it came to be that Tunji would fall in love with her. She didn’t think she deserved a gentle soul like him. In all honesty, she was fascinated by his brilliance and his drive to succeed, but there was nothing more. Tunji wasn’t ugly looking, but he just didn’t fall in the category of guys she would readily agree to go out with. Besides, she didn’t need any preacher to tell her she was a bad girl; she knew it! And Tunji shouldn’t be seen around her.

Apart from having to fend off the hate, jealousy and envy that trailed her position as “Miss Inter Rel” she had also been battling with girls who weren’t cool with the fact that she’s Tunji’s friend. Especially a particular lady called Jumoke! She had accosted Amaka more than once, trying to know what was going on between Tunji and her. But Amaka, being a ‘hard’ material herself always ignored by simply walking away.

All these and many more made Tunji’s unexpected revelation seem out of this world. She didn’t exactly love him, and would even be risking too much for herself if she dated him. There was so much on her mind that she didn’t realize when class was over. Her friends had to tap her to bring her back to life.

“Wetin do you? Na so you enjoy the class reach?” Her friend, Jeminat teased.

“Maybe she sef don dey doubt the existence of God” Tolu added jokingly, and they all laughed. But Amaka only hissed.

They rose to leave the hall along with other students. And as always, Amaka was the centre of attraction. A lot of boys couldn’t stop staring and calling her name, but she just kept on walking, and gave no reaction as she would normally do. This surprised her friends.

Tolu didn’t wait to descend the last step in the stairs when she asked, “Amaka, what’s up with you today? You didn’t reply your fans.”

She gave no reply. Her mind was still fixed upon Tunji.

“Wait o, e be like say I know wetin dey do this girl” Jeminat responded.

“Abeg tell me o, because I can’t explain this sudden dumbness” Tolu answered.

“Na dat boy!”

“Which boy”

“That Tunji guy… You don forget wetin happen this morning?” Jeminat tapped Tolu and they both burst into a delirious laughter which finally caught Amaka’s attention.

“What’s funny?” She asked. Feeling further embarrassed that her friends actually heard what Tunji said in the morning.

“Nothing ooo. Can’t we laugh again?” Jeminat replied as they went into another round of laughter, and this time, Amaka couldn’t help joining them, just not to be the odd one out.

She cancelled all appointments for the evening with her “mugus” and “yahoo boyfriends”. The only person she wanted to see was Tunji. She was confused about him; it seemed like a huge privilege to be asked out by the most brilliant student in the faculty, but she also couldn’t understand why he would come after a girl like her.

She called his line severally and was getting frustrated until she recalled that his phone had been seized by a lecturer because of her. She casted her mind back to Tunji’s heroics of that day and began to get herself convinced of his love for her.

At about 7:38pm, there was a knock on the door. Amaka rushed to open, only to see it was another guy.

“Good evening, I am from RCF and we are inviting you to our programme taking place at the Mainbowl…”

“Thank You…bye bye!” She said and slammed the door shut, feeling very disappointed. She hoped Tunji hadn’t forgotten the appointment and wouldn’t keep her waiting for long. She didn’t know his exact room in Faj Hall and didn’t know who to meet. She sat back on her bed, tapping her head for ideas. After some few minutes…

Knock! Knock!

“Who’s that?” She was able to restrain herself this time.

“Good evening, pls is Amaka around?”

She couldn’t have heard wrong, it was Tunji. She picked up her small bag and a sweater, got into her shoes and opened the door.

“You are welcome” she said with a charming smile which made her look twice as beautiful and Tunji couldn’t help giving her a tight hug.

“You seem like you are off to somewhere” he inquired.

“Yes, I was actually going out.”

“Wow. I must have come too late. Maybe we should fix another time.” Tunji said with a lump in his throat, trying to hide his disappointment.

“We should rather leave here immediately because I was actually waiting for you.” She announced.

It was Tunji’s most memorable night since becoming a student of Obafemi Awolowo University. Walking beside Amaka, chattering and laughing hand in hand with her made him feel special. The attention shifted away from the pretty damsel and went to him, as a lot of people sized him up to see how he managed to be her ‘man’ for the night.

They made their first stop at Kay’s Chippy, a small eatery, and Amaka ordered for some snacks and drink. Tunji however declined and opted for coffee instead. They kept on walking and finally stopped at the basement of Faculty of Education. They found a seat quickly and settled down. They were alone, and the place was dimly lit.

Neither of them seemed to be willing to break the ice, but when Amaka couldn’t take it anymore, she nudged him and they both laughed.

“It feels like a dream sitting here with you…alone. Knowing we won’t be talking about assignments.” Tunji managed to speak.

“Yeah right. Things won’t always be the same, I guess.”

“Exactly. That’s why I had to open up this morning.” Tunji finally broke the ice. “It’s always been there, I just had to suppress it because I wasn’t sure how you would react to it.”

Amaka was smiling, and that encouraged Tunji to go on.

“I want to plead with you to allow me into your life and give you genuine love straight from the heart. I may not be able to afford all the shining things right now, but I promise to love you in a way more expensive than gold or silver…”

Tunji’s words were cut short by Amaka’s phone, which was ringing loudly. She wanted to ignore but Tunji asked her to answer the call.

“Hello Mummy” she said as she hit on the green button. “What!!! How come???” She jumped up from her seat. “Half a million what???”

“I’m sorry Tunji, I have to leave now. Let’s do this some other time” she quickly packed her things and walked away as fast as possible with Tunji trying to catch up.


Gbade Johnson drove home with excitement. It was his 10th year wedding anniversary, and having followed the advice of his friends – he would be celebrating with his wife, despite the tension between them.

Juliet made her own special preparations as well. She gave the cook the day off and assumed the duty of making dinner for her husband. She made him a special meal of pounded yam with egusi, ogbono, and edikang-ikong soup – her husband’s favorite soups. There were all kinds of assorted meat, fishes, and wine prepared on the table. The whole atmosphere was electrified and it was certain that it was going to be a special night for the Johnsons.

Dominic and his little sister were in a great mood and were all over the place expressing their joy at the idea of a mini party holding later that night. Even the house workers weren’t left out of the excitement, as they shared jokes and hearty gossips among one another on the miraculous change of story between their oga and madam.

Gbade Johnson drove into his mansion at about 7:30pm. He had also given his driver the day off, choosing to drive himself, as part of celebrating his wedding anniversary. He came down from the car and got into the waiting embrace of his wife and kids who were at the door and they all went in.

He freshened up as quick as possible and settled down to have a wonderful dinner with his family. Soft music was played underneath as they ate heartily. Gbade began to really appreciate his family…his wife especially. He vowed to apologize to her for his misdemeanors and turn a new leaf. He looked at his wards and appreciated God for blessing him with them. He promised himself to be a good father and a worthy role model to them henceforth. The wedding anniversary seemed to be doing a lot of magic to his psychology.

After eating and having their fill, He was invited to dance by his wife as his children and the house workers played as the audience.

While dancing, Gbade whispered a warm “I am very very sorry sweetheart” into his wife’s ears.

Juliet smiled and asked, “what are you sorry for honey?”

“I know I have been a ‘bad boy’ but I have realized my mistakes and I’m ready to turn things around” he replied with a smile.

Juliet placed her head on his chest and dropped a tear. “I’m sorry too” she said.

“No Juliet… I am the one who should be saying that. You have done no wrong, you have only been a dutiful wife and a strong mother to our kids.”

“I know what I am saying Gbade. I am really really sorry” Juliet persisted.

“And what is my honey sorry for, if I may ask?”

Juliet raised her head up, looked him straight in the eye and said, “I thought you would never change, I poisoned your meal…”

To Be Continued Next Week………..

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  1. Are u kidding??? Poison??? Abeg, when did cutting off the head become solution for Headache??? I’m sure it must have been her mumu friend’s advice. I really hope she just pulling a trick or joking.


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