COWRAGE: Episode 9

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Juliet enjoyed her new found freedom in her home. It seemed as if she was newly wed. Gbade treated her to all sorts of fun, and always had one nice surprise for her and the kids, and each time, Juliet never forgot to thank God and her friend, Patience who taught her the ‘reverse psychology’ tactics which brought back her once lost hubby.

She however was relentless, she wanted more from her husband; she wanted him to be all hers, and she needed to guarantee that. Hence, she had subjected herself to a ridiculous two months training on ‘Direct Assault’ which Patience was taking her every Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Gbade on his part had been paying his dues to the letter, just as Deji advised him. Every weekend was potential fun for the Johnson Family. He made everything available for his wife and kids and never failed to share a loving word with them before sleeping every night.

Juliet couldn’t have wished for any better, so Gbade thought. It was time for him to get back to his groove, having brought his wife to a calm and his kids to an enthusiastic mood.

Juliet didn’t see any reason to continue with the ‘Direct Assault’ tactics, but she kept on going for classes, hoping it would come in handy someday, just in case Gbade “returns to his vomit, as all men do” Patience always warned.

Patience seemed to have a stronghold on Juliet’s heart, especially after her ‘reverse psychology’ had helped bring Juliet’s husband back to his senses. It was never difficult to make Juliet do anything, Patience had become a god.

Juliet returned home after classes that hot afternoon, having serious headache. The headache didn’t come as a result of the hot sun that scorched virtually everything on the surface of the earth, it was rather out of the topic treated in Patience’s class. Juliet had found it hard to comprehend, and thought it outrageous to follow what Patience was asking her to do… But events of that day proved “it will come in handy” just as her teacher predicted.

“Deji, you are keeping silent for too long. I banked on you because you promised to help me. The month ends tonight, I have been too far away from these ladies, I need a fresh one…” Gbade had been lamenting to his friend, earlier on the same day.

“You fret too much, and it amazes me how you still claim to be a man. Calm down, all is under control.” Deji replied in disgust to his friend’s ‘womanly’ attitude. “You are not alone in this, we are in it together. The month ends tomorrow for both of us, and I haven’t been sleeping on it.”
Deji paused for a moment, allowing his friend to catch his breath. “I have prepared something for us, and it’s going to be ready in a couple of hours.”

“You must be kidding me!” Gbade replied instantly. “What are we waiting for, let’s go.”

“Yes we will. We are embarking on a short trip today, and we’ll be away for a whole week!”

Gbade arrived home a few minutes after his wife had returned with the kids from school.

“Hello everybody, how was your day?” Gbade called out as he went straight into his room to begin packing for the impromptu journey.

“Where are you off to?” Juliet inquired after realizing her husband was obviously preparing for a trip.

“I have a business appointment in Abuja with some representatives of a UK based company. They have called for a meeting tonight, and I need to be there early enough.” Gbade answered without looking Juliet’s way.

“For how long will you be away?”

“Just a week…”

“A whole week?!” Juliet almost screamed, even though her voice was very loud. She sighed and moved closer to her husband. “These past weeks have gotten me so accustomed to having you around, a week seems like a year”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back before you know it. Just take care of the kids. I promise to buy you something beautiful on my way back” Gbade placated, hoping Juliet will drop the issue as soon as possible.

“I’ll miss you Gbade.” Juliet responded, with her voice shaking and her eyes laced with tears.

She stepped out of the room afterwards and Gbade drew a breathe of relief. He quickly returned to his travel plans, taking every necessary things he would need in the course of a week, and whistling his favorite tune. He was relishing what Deji had in stock for him. It was going to be massive fun, having a whole week of a private time with his new catch! His excitement was as heightened as that of a primary school kid going on an excursion to a place of his dreams.

He locked his little travelling box, and quickly ran into the shower to have a fresh bath. As he stepped out, he came face to face with his wife, standing by the door and holding a condom to his face.

“Have this, it will come in handy” she said, stone faced.


Sunky and Tunji were out of campus within a couple of minutes. Their destination was ‘Fine Touch’ a hostel accommodation a few kilometers outside the school gate. The hostel is tagged a ‘big boys’ hostel and some students believe it to be home for the ‘yahoo-yahoo’ boys.

Sunky took Tunji into a room on the top floor of the hostel, a handsome, lanky dude was waiting in the room they entered. He was obviously expecting them. They exchanged pleasantries and did a quick introduction. The dude simply introduced himself as “J-boy”

Tunji was asked to sit as Sunky and J-boy went into an inner cubicle to discuss. He wondered what type of help Sunky was offering that required him to come out of school. Whatever it was, he was ready to do it, just for Amaka’s sake.

Something told him there was fire on the mountain, and he needed to run, but he somehow convinced himself that fear was part of being a man and the ability to overcome fear and achieve a feat, as he was about to do, was what proves him a real man.

As he sat, he began to imagine and compare himself to Jesus Christ who had to abandon everything for the sake of mankind. Tunji had stopped night reading, he had loads of undone assignments, he had been missing classes, he had a case with a senior lecturer who siezed his phone, and he was even missing a test at that moment. He had practically abandoned his academics, his life for Amaka’s sake…he didn’t care, he just wanted to raise money for her ailing father, whom he didn’t even know if he existed.

“Actually, I would have asked you to lend him the money, but I’m not sure he can pay back. I want us to teach him the way, so he can make money on his own and sustain himself.” Sunky submitted after explaining Tunji’s predicament to J-boy

“Na serious matter o, Sunky” J-boy answered after a moment silence. “I really don’t do this, and you know it. We have to be very careful. Not just anyone can be introduced to this business.”

“I agree, but I can vouch for this nigga. He’s smart and brilliant. He’s the best student in his faculty.”

“I’m not talking about academic brilliance here… I’m talking about being smart when it come to street hustling. He has to be highly tactical, and be hard, I mean really hard!… That dude looks too simple for this.”

Sunkanmi wasn’t willing to give up despite J-boy’s obvious skepticism of Tunji’s abilities. He continued making a case for him.

“This guy really needs this, and he’s willing to learn. I can guarantee you that he adapts quickly, and you won’t regret incorporating him into this business.”

“Is he your brother?” J-boy was becoming irritated at Sunky’s persistence. Not that he couldn’t do what he asked, but he was being very careful not to involve too many people. To him, the more people he involves, the weaker his security. He wasn’t willing to take chances.

“He is not my blood brother, but he’s someone I trust.” Sunky replied, but he quickly realized J-boy wasn’t going to bulge, so he threw one more wood into the fire. “I’ll take direct responsibility for this dude. If he messes up, take me up for it!”

J-boy smiled weakly and looked towards the position where Tunji sat in the room as the smile gradually disappeared from his face, and with a stern look he spoke:

“This boy goes wrong, and you both will go down for it!”


Amaka was getting worried, she had been trying to reach her elder sister for over an hour but to no avail. Ada’s message had been really ominous and Amaka needed to talk to her sister urgently.

“Money is needed, but not desperately…do not embark on that journey Mama is about to push you to”

That was Ada’s message to her that afternoon, and it was prophetic because it came at a time when she was about making her mind to honour Ngozi’s invitation to meet the man who could help her with the 500k she needed.

Her sister had never really supported her ways; Ada always questioned where she got money from and never hid her disappointment at her sister’s shameless ways. She always fought with Mama over the influence she exerted upon Amaka.

Ada’s message took her by surprise because of the timing, and even though she would have ignored it, as she always did, something in her told her to pay attention.
She decided to call Tunji in order inquire if anything was up, she hoped there would be a miracle from him. That would make his sister a God-sent.

After a few rings, Tunji heavy voice shot out from the other end.


“Hi…errm…where re you?”

“I…I…am…ermm… I’m not in school right now sha, but I’ll see you before evening”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m just hanging out… I’ll be with you soon, please give me some time”

Amaka closed her eyes and heaved a huge sigh. It was just as she had expected, nothing was coming forth from him.

“It’s okay. I’ll be waiting.” She replied as she casually dropped the call.

She tried her sister’s number again, but it was yet out of reach. She threw the phone on the bed out of frustration and laid her back against the wall. She closed her eyes tight in attempt to shut out herself from the turbulence going on in her head, but that wasn’t working either.

Knock knock…

Amaka opened her eyes, she wasn’t really sure if it was the door of her room. She looked at her wristwatch, it was just a few minutes past three. It couldn’t be Tunji at the door, males aren’t allowed in female hostel until four. She hesitated, believing it was just her mind playing tricks on her.

“Is someone in this room?” Ngozi’s voice accompanied the knock which was harder this time around.

Amaka rose quickly and opened the door.

“Ngozi, watsup?”

“The big birds are coming into town tonight, get yourself ready.”

Amaka looked dumb. She didn’t think it would happen so soon. Giving Ngozi a reply at that moment was hard, as her sister’s message kept ringing in her head.

“Is there a problem?…you don’t look okay.” Ngozi finally stepped inside the room, as she closed the door behind her.

“I’m fine, I just wasn’t expecting it to come this soon.” Amaka responded, shielding her fear.

“I guess that means you are not prepared.”

“Something like that”

“Well, it’s okay.” Ngozi was not happy, and she wasn’t concealing it. “Just know its an opportunity you might not get again. These men are coming into town tonight, and they may not be back in a long long time. They have money and helping you shouldn’t be a problem for them. Think about it.” She picked her handbag and rose from where she was sitting. “I’ll call you later, just in case you decide to change your mind.”

Ngozi left the room, leaving Amaka unsure if she had made the right decision letting her go.


“You got me scared!” Ada smiled like a baby. “That wasn’t as serious as you made it seem”

Ben on the other side of the phone was biting his lips. He had lied to Ada, he couldn’t bring himself to break up a five year relationship. Ada had been faithful, and had stood by him always, even against her mother. To him, it would be unfair to break up with her just like that.

“How’s Papa faring now?” Ben asked in attempt to change the discourse.

“He’s doing good, but doctor keeps reminding us everyday that we are losing time.” Ada replied weakly, sadness was written all over her voice this time.

Ben felt pity for her, but he had to pity himself too. They both were going against their families just to be with each other, and that could lead them to two possibilities; to fight to the end and win the heart of both families, or to be stubborn and suffer when there’s no family support. He wished he was clairvoyant, he wished he could see the future and just know what to do.

“All will be well, let’s just keep praying for him and sourcing for money” Ben answered.

“Adamma! Adamma! Come oooo!” That was Mama screaming from inside the ward.

Ada ran like a rabid dog as she flung the phone from her hands and made for the ward.

“What’s wrong?” Terror was written all over her face, she feared the worst had happened. But as she appeared in the ward, she met Mama dancing and smiling. She looked in Papa’s direction and took her time to ascertain he was still breathing, and yes he was. “Mama, what’s this dancing for?”

“My God is great! I just knew all my prayers will not go unanswered.” She said, still dancing.

“What happened, please talk to me” Ada was getting impatient.

“The doctor just left here” Mama had stopped dancing, but was panting like she had just finished a marathon race. “He said Papa will be ready to be operated upon by tomorrow evening” she announced.

“Really? But we haven’t paid, is he doing it for free?” Ada was confused.

“Someone paid!” Mama retorted happily.

“Who?” Ada asked, hoping to not to hear a particular name from her mother’s mouth.

“The taxi driver!” Mama answered.

“The taxi what????”


To be continued next week……………….

Question Of The Week: Is Juliet Saving Her Marriage Or Plotting Its Destruction?

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  1. Wow! The the taxi-driver paid***i tink Ada will have to leave Ben**am sure her mother will go an extra mile to see this***but wait a min, who is this taxi-driver???


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