The ‘CURSING’ Church

Perhaps I am just been paranoid or maybe I’m in the wrong church but please help enlighten me.

At this point, one has to be very careful about which church to worship in.

I decided to attend this “Citizens of Heaven” church, Benin city and was impressed by the choir and the rendition of the praise/worship.
Oh! how they sing so well; Beautiful!

The pastor climbed the alter moments later and the first thing he said was “Today, we are going to lay a curse on the person who stole from the church two weeks ago”

I was really surprised at this statement really because I wasn’t expecting that from the “man” of God. Then he continued “Brethren this curse will not be removed by any man except the person comes to the church to return and confess” then he started cursing and people around were really screaming “amen!!!”.

I was dumbfounded. I asked my self the following questions; why curse the thief? Isn’t his punishment obvious?

Behold, he asked us to open the Bible and he started cursing from the bible, he further asked us to bow our heads, to pray some prayer points like “the thief wouldn’t see the end of the year”.

Lol I’m very sure you wondering what type of man he is. So please help me cause I’m a bit lost yeah…is this right?

Did he really need to go that far? Am I the one who isn’t seeing this right or is it because I’m in a different church? Is this church doing the right thing?

I believe the church is the house of God. Why can’t we leave him to decide what to do with the thief? Sigh** I’m lost, please help me out.


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2 thoughts on “The ‘CURSING’ Church

  1. As a church of God nd a minsitr…dey ought 2 pray for d lost soul of d thief so he wuld com 2 repentanc…..atleast christ hasnt com 4 d rich or d righteous buut d lost sheep….may God open deir eyes…he says my ppl perish cos dey lack knowledge


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