The Potential DICTATOR In You

Do you remember the police officer who was caught on tape obtaining a bribe from a commuter? You should remember, because that tape went viral across social media platforms and was a major talking cum blogging point for several commentators. I don’t know if you have heard, but his case went to trial today.

Fast forward a bit. We hear that Kano state speaker of the legislative chambers put in his resignation, citing a potentially injurious power play almost certain to work perilous to his continued stay in office.

Time to rewind. Last week, the APC having swelled her ranks with an unprecedented wave of brazen cross-carpeting, issued a directive to all her members to obstruct the processes of legislation at the national assembly. Now can you imagine that?

In other developments, the Police Chief in Rivers state closed the lid on political rallies of any kind in the state. In d midst of all these, one cannot but ask: Why is it that people tend to abuse the tiniest opportunity they have to exercise power?

Could it be because we tend to subject ourselves to selective amnesia concerning the transience of power?

Indeed the exercise of power is sweet, no doubting that. The thrill of barking ”park!” at a hapless commercial driver, the fun of being the political force to reckon with, the relish of having the final say on who does what in a state…or better still, the thrilling adrenaline rush when you hold that innocent girl down to be defiled, the smile making your lips turn at the corners when you realise that a word from you can mean life to that witless staff in your dept, or that helpless student in your office, or the hopeless widow in your community, when you realize that you can play God! It chills, then thrills, it pleases.

However we need to realise that God doesn’t intend a long standing deputy for himself and so power has the highest mobility rate. It can’t be yours forever. And most usually, what you do in power today, comes back to stare you in the face when you are out of power tomorrow. If you doubt that, ask the OBJs, IBBs, OGDs, Ribadus, El Rufais etc of this world.

History has an uncanny way of granting us opportunities to be dictators and then situations to be the dictated to. What we do with the former bears a lot on how we sail through the latter. Remember that fact, the next time someone is at your mercy.

Let me wrap up with the sad gist I heard while travelling today. Long story short, it so happened that a custom officer impounded a co-traveller’s car on the grounds of a spurious claim: he (the car owner) didnt inform him that he was going to buy a car.

Now, how more ridiculous can power abuse get?
Some commentators have opined that every Nigerian has the tendency to be a dictator in his own capacity.
I say we don’t have to be. We can choose not to be. What do you say guys?

Omoolorun Koseemani

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