Is It Fashion Craze Or Are You Fashion CRAZY?

Fast fashion being mixed up and out of control. A craze or just a different perspective?


Which of these can you wear?

A cup of tea in one hand and turning every page of a fashion magazine with the other hand. Surfing all evening from blog to blog or some style websites. Sounds familiar? Lots of good stuff to see and read. Inspiring and entertaining. But lately, like the last 4 years I have been noticing that fashion has been getting to some other level. More and more I see certain (famous) people wearing clothes that don’t make any sense to me. This of course is only my personal perspective. Sometimes I really think that there are celebrities or famous fashion bloggers that are just testing us by wearing something really ridiculous. So they find out if the crowd will follow by giving compliments and copying it. I already see them laughing like: “even if I wear this crazy combination they will copy it “.

Seeing people in (for example) army boots, orange wool socks, a light lace dress, a sporty grey hoody, a golden Prada bag and a glitter beanie. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe it is a form of art I can’t seem to get through. Or so far from my own taste I just can’t imagine it. Well at least it’s food for thought and it’s making you realize your perspective is one of many.

Since style is personal it is not easy to say something about it without being dragged in your own opinions. I think this craze of weird combinations has to do with the fast way of fashion nowadays.

Trends are getting shorted and quicker. Fast fashion. Every week almost something new. Easy to get lost in the jungle of trends if you want to follow it all. The fast way of living and globalization 2.0 has a huge influence on fashion. Today: Kim Kardashian is wearing a white peplum dress, Tonto Dike has a lace legging and some other celebrity started wearing pink round shaped sunglasses with studs (just made up examples). Within a few minutes you see it on your mobile device and realize that you have to have that item too to keep up with ‘fashion’. Social media updates us instantly. Next week it’s some new hot thing again.


However, when I was a little girl I had the idea that a certain fashion style or trend lasted much longer. Like for over a year at least. Now a certain style can be ‘in’ and ‘out’ in a few weeks. Sometimes I think fashion got out of control lately. When we take a look at the last decades you will see every decade had a certain style with a few trends in it. When I think of this new decade (2010-now) I already see numerous styles and countless trends. (No wonder some mix it all up) I am really curious how we will look back at this decade fashionwise.

Some love to say “if you can’t beat them, join them”, what do you say? let’s hear from you.

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