Oops! She Flushed Her Wedding Ring Down The Toilet Because Her Husband Cheated

Things have gone from bad to worse regarding the state of Kendra Wilkinson’s marriage to Hank Baskett.
The Kendra On Top Star was photographed on Tuesday morning walking into a building in Los Angeles and made no effort to hide the fact that she was not wearing her wedding ring.

Without her wedding ring

Without her wedding ring

Kendra, who has not been seen in public since news
broke that her husband Hank allegedly cheated on
her with a transsexual model, reportedly has a good
reason for not sporting the giant sparkler. According
to Us Weekly, Kendra flushed her wedding ring down
the toilet during a moment of rage over Hank’s
alleged cheating.

“She flipped out,” a source told the magazine of when
Kendra discovered Hank’s infidelity, which reportedly
occurred while Kendra was eight months pregnant.

“She was extremely angry.”

The source also told the magazine that, in addition to
flushing the 2.25-carat princess-cut diamond ring
down the toilet, Kendra also threw photos from her
and Hank’s 2009 wedding into the family’s pool, and
punched holes in the walls of their Calabasas,
California home.

On Friday, moving trucks were seen entering the gated community that the couple resides in.

Hank, who is the father of Kendra’s two children Hank
Jr. and Alijah, has reportedly been staying at a hotel
since last month.

Do you think disposing her wedding ring was a rash thing to do… Or deserved?

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