Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey’s Failing Marriage: The TRUTH

Have Mariah and Nick, who were so madly in love when they married, been desperately seeking help to save their union for themselves and their precious twins? Are they seeing marriage counselors? Therapists? What’s going on?
Have Nick Cannon, 33, and Mariah Carey, 44, been thrashing out their differences with a marriage counselor? Mariah, according to, has strong opinions about whether the couple should put themselves in the hands of an expert in order to keep their marriage intact.


“As far as I know, they haven’t seen a marriage counselor,” a source told “That’s not Mariah’s speed and knowing her, she wouldn’t dare try to do that because she’d be afraid it would get out that the marriage was in trouble.”

Our source also noted how controlling Mariah can be towards Nick. The couple has already set up a confidentiality agreement that prevents Nick from saying anything about their split, TMZ reports. However, he was the one to confirm the split in the first place.

All marriages are different and a source reveals that Mariah “feels no counselor could ever understand her relationships or marriage.”

“She feels it’s way out of the realm of comprehension for a counselor. She’s wouldn’t let an outsider into her world like that. Not a chance. She doesn’t trust most people, even professionals.”

Nick and Mariah’s marriage took a toll after a lot of “arguing and stupid fights,” an insider explains. We’ve also learned that the age difference between the couple and Nick’s partying helped push Mariah over the edge concerning their marriage.

“At this point, it’s done. MiMi forgives but it takes a loooong time for her to heal and on top of that she never forgets,” our source said. “Nick’s not prepared to have all those mental trips with her any longer.”

Regardless of whether or not they are trying to seek help for their marriage, both Nick and Mariah are having a rough time with the split.

“Both Nick and Mariah are taking the split equally hard because they really loved one another and for most of the relationship, they were happy. Real happy. But that hasn’t been the case of late,” a source tells

We already know that Mariah is “heartbroken” over the breakup, and we’re sure Nick is as well. After all, they have two beautiful children together — Moroccan and Monroe. We hope that Nick and Mariah will fight for their marriage, especially for their kids.

Do you think Nick should still leave Mariah?



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