A Government Of Piss And Shit!


Appaling! A banner of piss and shit.

They are acquiring more blindfolds, how many more will they use it on? How much longer will we be pissed on? How many more of their shit and sewage will our sewer absorb b4 it erupts into thin air? When will sane men take the wheels of governance and gladly give the masses a worthy ride into splendour?

Sunny Okosun of blessed memory sang for a wind of change which never came before the cold hands of death snatched him from our hub. Now a Jona is afloat with our ship taking it on a titanic cruise. He claims to perceive the winds of change within earshot, he prompts me to pick up my binoculars to observe and bask myself in the pathetic euphoria that besieges him but painfully all I see is a hurricane and in my mind’s eye another savage….When I saw this overly insensitive campaign banner hung miserably on massive supports in the streets of Abuja, It sent a rude shock to my spines, to say the least.

It invariably makes a mockery of the public outcry that greeted the ‘Chibok 200+’ girls’ abduction in April. Why would anyone ever think that this banner would ever make sense?

Nigeria we hail thee! A nation where impossible is nothing only that the impossibility itself if it were human wouldn’t mind been possible. A country where our leaders piss and shit on the masses with impunity. You wait till our sewers engorge…

Lekan Linkin Lofinji


About Lekanlofinji

3L Media is an haven for information in its entirety. An idea from the roving mind of an unseriously serious dude who undergoes momentary earth shattering and sanity disrupting spasms of extreme mind play and in-depth soul searching analysis of events that trails his subconscious daily. The blog questions conventional trends in the society - If you want answers to questions bordering relationship, governance, history, social norms, human vocation and life then 3L Media is your destination. 3L Media tends to analyse and possibly bridge the gap between civilization and tradition, love and hate, youth and adulthood, truth and falsehood, governance and the masses, rulership and servitude et al. It sometimes serves as a hub for lifestyle, entertainment and literature in accordance with societal dictates. The originator-Lekan Linkin Lofinji, is an idealist with a knack for controversies and realism intertwined by a pinch of sarcasm. He questions conventions and seeks answers to every mystery except one. A graduate of the University of Benin -Lekan is a content developer, screenwriter, creative writer, voice over artiste, Idealist and if you find him acting sometimes then he probably still has an emotional attachment to his first love. That's the high jinks, so feel free to roar in my jungle where there are no holds barred. Let's cruise! Biggest Regret: : I wish I read Psychology and Philosophy so that I can bore into the minds of many and toil with the emotions of few. PERSONAL QUOTE: I KNOW A LOT OF SHIT, I FEEL A LOT OF SHIT, I WRITE A LOT OF SHIT BUT I DO NO SHIT @prolificleksyd, BB PIN: 335B83AF. IG: @lekanlofinji

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