You Are NOT A Baby; She Is NOT Your Baby-Sitter!


When a woman loves you, she could bend world to make life a toy to you. All you have to do is pay attention to her. They go through a lot.

Back rub, foot massage, cook for her, go to the spa with her or even to the mall. I have spoken to a lot of women. It’s the simple things money WON’T buy, that creates the biggest problem.

When a woman feels she’s not number one in your life anymore, everything goes downhill from love, Reassure her or you will lose her.
A woman who loves you  wants to tell you everything, All you have to do is be there, listen to her, hold her, let her know she’s not alone”.

Simple things like waking her goes a long way, you are not a baby, she’s not your babysitter, she’s your partner, work with her”.

Some men are soooo spoilt, they cover their shame with ” A MAN DOESN’T DO THIS” they cant even be supportive, can’t even boil water. The truth is when a man makes the effort to be there, the effort to help, to be willing to listen, a good woman will see all that.

Women go through a lot. Times has changed. All that old-fashioned Africa man’s mentality is outdated. This is to the beautiful and handsome people in unhappy relationships, it won’t lead to a happy marriage.

People are out there dying to make you happy.


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