When Your Ex Releases Intimate Pictures, ____ HIM!

A 4th year student in my school attempted suicide by taking overdose drugs because her boyfriend released her nude pictures…


Fortunately she survived, but there are complications, her womb is affected.

They have been dating since their first year in school, she had different plans for her future knowing she’s wasting her time dating and planning marriage for someone in the same level with her.
She met someone else, she broke up but the heartbroken “EX” just couldn’t let go..
He had embarrassed her in school once, at another time, he beat her in public but still the girl didn’t come back to him so he devised another means..
Release her nude pictures. She attempted suicide thinking she would die but now, she’s faced with a worse problem.

Sometime last year, someone was sending me nude pictures of some girls that were released in the person’s lodge..
Pictures of these girls performing “FELLATIO” the pictures were released by bitter “EX’es” it was as if all the “EX’es” joined forces together to do what they did…

I have seen sex videos released by lots of “EX’es” after they separated from the ex-girls. Sometimes, after the sex, next is the sex video.

Pokello, a former BBA Housemate after she got inside the house. Her “supposed boyfriend” released their sex video, he wanted making money off her.

Recently, the rapper Iggy, sex video is also released. Her ex released it and he had the most outrageous reason ever.. He aint even ashamed, stupid bastard -_-
He said he wanted to revenge and bring down her career.
By the look of things, he might be arrested because, she was still a minor when they had sex.

There are lots of girls whose “EX” have done this to..

Anyways, from my personal view and calculation… EVERY MALE is capable of exposing his ex nude pictures (that’s if they any) ..
I might be wrong, but I strongly doubt that.

There are lots of guys that are quick to cuss out on their ex’es. The girl that used to be their world, diamond, jewel, wife material suddenly becomes a hoe, bitch, trash, after breaking up..

Any guy that does this, should be SHOT DEAD.
Any guy that shares intimate pics of his ex-girlfriend to friends after they break up is uselesss and should be killed.

When a girl is in love…she would trust the person she’s in love.
Lemme not pretend and paint me good.. And other girls bad.

Don’t come pretending you have never sent your nude pics out or requested for a nude pics.

I know of someone that broke up with his fiancee of 4yrs because she didn’t send him her nude pics. He was abroad and asked for her nudes.
She didn’t give in and he broke up.
She’s regretting why she didn’t..
I’m glad she didn’t, but she won’t understand.

Even a stupid ex-husband can release his ex-wife’s nude pics…

As much as I love and love stupidly.. And love without thinking..
I’ve also learned to be smart..
I’ve learned to love but not love by taking a nude pic…

I don’t blame girls that do.. They were in love and didn’t expect the turn out of events.. They trusted the wrong animals in form of an “ex” …

Ladies be smart…
Some ppl aint just worth it..
If it happens that your ex releases your nude pics or private videos when you 2 were intimate..
***** HIM!!!

If I were a lawyer or wanted going into law..
I would have specialize in sex.
And screw any sex offender, rapist or wicked ex by sentencing them to death by hanging or lethal injection…

When you release anyone’s nude pics, you automatically become an animal and a criminal…

The punishment for this is to be *******


Princess Chessycar

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One thought on “When Your Ex Releases Intimate Pictures, ____ HIM!

  1. There should be a campaign to discover the names of the dumb people that is disloyal with the people that they supposedly loved to tell them that they just proved that don’t deserve the love and trust of anybody. They do it because they know public opinion focus in the victim and not in the pathetic victimizer.


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