Nigerian Celebs Or Politics Money: Who Is Lying To Us?

It didn’t start today, but the recent influx of Nigerian artistes into politics is not totally a concern, but a move that should be questioned. A lot of these artistes are those whose careers seem to have taken a downturn in recent years, and now seem to believe that going into politics is the only way back up.

The question is, why politics? If money is not the motivation, what else could be? What leadership experience do these artistes have, enough to make them competent leaders whom we can entrust four years of our national lives to? Many questions, but no one to answer them.


Segun Arinze, Nollywood actor and former President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has risen to the defense of Nigerian celebrities and entertainers who have dabbled into politics to affirm that they are not going into politics with the sole motive of making money or enriching themselves.

In a chat with Arts Dome, Arinze said, “Someone who decides to run or come into an office knows why he or she decided to run for that office in the first place. I don’t think they are going into politics for the money. I’m not going to be one of the people who would come out and say they are going into politics for the money. But they are going there to positively affect society.
The actor added that Nigerian entertainers who have shown interest in politics have a lot to offer given their peculiar experiences. “They are role models, people look up to them, they talk to people and they listen to them. Being a role model alone is a burden for them. So, they know that they just have to serve the right purpose,” he said.

The likes of 9ice, Julius Agwu, Desmond Elliot, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Kate Henshaw, and most recently, Tony Tetuila are a few of Nigerian celebrities who have since cross-carpeted from their entertainment career to greener pastures in Politics.

Be it for money or for positive change, the end shall justify the means.

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