“I Love My Dogs More Than My Husband”

Daniela Forshaw has been happily married to husband Mike for ten years – but loves her dogs more than him.


In fact both of them agree they are barking mad about their five furry favourites – and have turned them into contenders to be named Britain’s most pampered pooches .

Daniela said: “We love the dogs more than each other – and both of us understand that.

“People might think it’s weird but there is no jealousy. We are both obsessed with the dogs.”

The couple spend at least £20,000 a year on food, clothing and beauty treatments for the pets which is almost TEN times as much as they spend on themselves.

While the animals tuck into the finest steaks, Daniela and Mike, 43, share a tin of beans.

And as the couple make do and mend with their own clothes, their pets parade around town in sparkly costumes with sequins glinting in their hair.

Their two poodles, Venice and Milan,  have rainbow-dyed fur. And year-old Milan is pushed along in a pink pram as Daniela, 38, chats to her in human baby-talk.

The self-confessed “crazy dog lady” says: “Nothing is too good for our babies. They make Mummy and Daddy very happy so we give them a happy life in return as any good ­parent would do.”

Daniela went on: “We don’t just treat them like our children, they ARE our children. It annoys me when people can’t accept that.

“If anything they need us more than human babies would because children learn to do things for ­themselves but our little ones are totally reliant on us.

“They’re like kids who’ll never grow up and leave us.”

Mike, who works for a law firm, shares her passion.

He said: “Coco’s my little rock chick tomboy and loves heavy metal like her dad. Milan is way more girlie and loves pink.”

“I have become just as obsessed as Daniela.

“Sometimes I come home and see her slaving over a hot stove but I know it’s not for me. The other day she made lamb ­meatballs for the dogs – but we sat down to a sandwich.

“And if we treat ourselves to an Indian we order a chicken tikka masala for the dogs.”

The couple would love a bigger family – but not a human one.

Daniela yearns for a chihuahua while Mike wants a Staffordshire bull terrier – which he would dress in pink rather than opting for the traditional bad-boy look of a studded collar.

However, the fur can fly when ­passers-by see the flamboyant fivesome.

Daniela said: “Some people tell me dying them or dressing them up is cruel. But how can it be? They have a better life than most human children. They’re clean, they’re healthy and they love their life.”

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