Jason Derulo Reveals Why He Broke Up With Jordin Sparks Over The Phone

Jason Derulo isn’t exactly coming off as the good guy in the wake of his split from Jordin Sparks and now he may have lost even more points as the Wiggle singer admits he didn’t break up with the pretty star face-to-face, instead having the awkward conversation “over the phone” because he was out of town.
The previously loved-up couple’s split was revealed recently and over the last few days, the pair have embarked on a sort of “break-up tour,” conducting interviews talking about the end of their romance and slowly dropping details on what caused the split. Well, one of those details may have landed Jason, 25, out of favour with his fans as he reveals exactly how he broke up with the American Idol winner.

When asked how he ended their three-year relationship, Jason replied: “Over the phone. I wasn’t in town.” Wow, poor Jordin! Both have been pretty evasive on exactly what caused the split and while Jason says they had a fight while having dinner at a popular Los Angeles restaurant, he insists that he didn’t cheat on the No Air singer like speculation suggests.

“Nah, man there was none of that,” Jason told the radio hosts when asked if he was dating other women. “I mean, we had our problems in our relationship, you know what I’m saying? Every relationship has their ups and downs and you know, when you start having more downs than ups, you know, you gotta take a look at your relationship and be like, you know, ‘Is this something that I’m supposed to be doing…?”

Jason’s pleas of innocence have been called into question by model Carmen Ortega who has alleged in an interview that she went on dates with Jason while he was with Jordin, so assumed he wasn’t in a relationship. Jordin, 24, has only added fuel to the fire, telling Wendy Williams when asked about the cheating accusations: “I actually don’t want to comment on that.” This is one messy break-up!

Do you think it was right for Jason to have discussed break up over the phone?


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