It is easy to forget that three words is all you need and get a bit carried away. There are four things you should definitely never, ever do when declaring your love …

Fashion Shot of a young man comforting his girlfriend
Add the word “but”

‘I love you, but I need some space’; ‘I love you, but I’m going to live in UK’; ‘I love you, but I prefer your sister’ – anything you add after the “but” will make the person you’re saying it to wish you really hadn’t bothered.

Start the sentence with: “It’s because”

This generally means that you are about to use the love as an excuse for something bad: ‘It’s because I love you that I’m leaving you’; ‘It’s because I love you that I’m looking through all your texts and emails’; ‘It’s because I love you that I’m locking you in the cellar’.

Use song lyrics

Her love really might be lifting you higher with the wind beneath the eternal wings of a dove, but by telling her this you are making it clear you have no original thought whatsoever and that your love is about as valuable as a free download.

Make a sacrifice

Modern interpretations of sacrifice are fine, such as stopping going out every night in order to spend more time with the person you love. But an actual sacrifice involving slaughter is best avoided. No sensible human will appreciate it and hopefully even God has now grown up to the point where he doesn’t need us to kill beasts and firstborn children to prove that we love him.


About Olumide Lawrence

OLUMIDE LAWRENCE is a writer, an artiste and a publicist. Started out as a PLAYER, now I am a Relationship COACH. Follow me on twitter @ilummynation and instagram @glowville Facebook: Olumide ilummynation Lawrence. BBM: 2A3B059E, 7E15126B.

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