My ‘PERSONAL’ Views of a Horn-free Lagos Day

So today is Horn-free day in the bustling – nobody send the other person, horn is used to express the slightest discomfort – city of Lagos.

Very interesting, I’d say. What’s more interesting is that so far, the reports are that its going according to plan. People are beginning to relate with their saner sides. More people are actually at peace with themselves on many roads today. The world can indeed be a better place if only we work towards it.
Lagos is known for the noise pollution it generates in traffic — that’s amongst other things of course. If electricity could be generated effectively from noise then Lagos will be selling some megawatts to other states. The drivers in Lagos, especially the ones in public transportation seem to have all gone through one training school. A school where they are told to tap the horn every 15 seconds, vehicle ahead or not. I have seen it happen many times. A bus driver tapping a rhythm with the horn every now and then and when you look up out on the road you discover there’s no vehicle in sight. Or that the vehicle is still a long way off.
What’s most annoying are the drivers — both commercial and private — that stop at the red light and start to blare their horns the same split second the Green light comes on. How in the world were they expecting….anyway, that’s Lagos traffic life for you. But all that has changed today as there will be none of that. Oh, it feels good just knowing that the Keke man who affixed a trailer horn to his tricycle won’t be making you leap off the streets anytime soon.
Its not all rosy though.
There’s the case of the driver who, in an attempt to keep the Horn-free day holy, has been using his mouth instead. “oloshi, iyalaya e, ko ni da fun Baba Baba e, e eri, were, gbe kini kuro loju titi funmi jare”, ologbeni my car, se tie o ti ba e leni bayi?”

These words are better left un-translated otherwise they’ll lose their potency.
Just be made aware that Fathers, mothers, and entire generations of particular road users have come under verbal attack for offenses such as; driving too slow, parking right on the road, etc. but all’s fair, so far no one used their horns.

Its a beautiful day to be driving on Lagos roads today. Lets enjoy it while it lasts.


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3 thoughts on “My ‘PERSONAL’ Views of a Horn-free Lagos Day

  1. hahahaha
    The yoruba words got me rolling. LMAO
    We need to check the horn usage in this state. it is just too annoying.
    its easy to bear it when the commercial bus drivers do, but what do you make out of the so called learned ones?


  2. It is actually the learned ones who are most guilty. They use the horns to express all the vocabs they would have poured on the illiterate drivers, if they were any closer.

    Not even talking of the tanker and truck drivers who bully smaller vehicles with the horn.

    I hope this day can happen more often. It will help a lot of us, even beyond the roads.

    Eko o ni baje ooo


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