Of This World of Lies

Earlier today, while briefing my boss on a move i was about to make, he stopped me in my tracks and said “…you can’t write it that way. Make them believe we already have it. Make them trust the job will be done with by Friday.”
It wasn’t like I didn’t know about the use of corporate lies; About white lies and half truths. I just felt, with this particular project i could be honest about our capabilities. Apparently, the world doesn’t want honesty. To think i got the job because I was honest at a previous one. Now i am expected to be dishonest. na wa o. People have become so good at falsehood that if you don’t lie, you’re not telling the truth. In order to be convincing you need to tell a lie. Creating the need to think of the next lie to buffer the next lie.
You’d be wrong to paint a picture of me wearing a halo though, i am a good liar. Why i’m almost certain that the devil, on more than one occasion, considered making me the head of the department for cleverly fabricated falsehood. And i bet i’m qualified. But this world. The people in it. All of them living their lives based on lies.

Lie to get a contract
Lie to get a job
Lie to gather fans
Lie to raise a mob
Lie to get a girlfriend
Lie to get a house
Lying to the kids
And the perfect lie for spouse.

Lies lies lies!
Its been a while I have heard some truth.
The devil himself must’ve been caught at several points with his jaw to the floor with the lies he’s heard people tell. He must’ve been like, “wait a minute, who taught them that??” With a Demon replying “Your Wickedness, they’ve evolved faster than we expected.”

Did you know that Lying children tend to grow up to be more successful children? That’s according to @TheFactsBook.

We live in a crazy world. A world of lies.


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