UNSERIOUS is the new cool…Really?

Take a look at the photo up there.
You’re done? You have satisfied yourself looking at that lady’s behind, right? God will forgive you!
You should be looking at the billboard, you see the billboard with the Fanta ad on it? Stop looking at the woman’s behind! Look at the billboard! That billboard is the reason for this post.

This morning, in traffic on a major street in Monrovia, we happened to be stuck by this billboard and as I let my eye wander around for something interesting, that lady stepped out the car. Yes, I saw her too. And while I was looking at her…uhmm, bag size (not backside) and was wondering why so many people were putting on red clothing today, I let my eyeballs take me up to where the inscription read MORE FANTA LESS SERIOUS.

I wonder what kind of message the company was/is trying to pass. This country is already full of unserious people. Just like my naija, the youths do not want to make a living from hard work. No, nobody really wants to even go to school, or learn a trade. Every one wants to wake up one morning to find they have become millionaires.
Bruno Mars’ song that goes “I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad…” is their anthem. Not one of them realizes that Oprah didn’t make her billions by being lazy. She was serious.
Now, some who are familiar with me will be wondering how Dayo– the most unserious fellow on the face of earth is talking about seriousness. You see, its one thing to be free-spirited, playful and clownish and a completely different thing to be moronic and uncaring about one’s future. The latter is unseriousness. When a youth prefers to daydream about finding a Ghana must go full of money instead of thinking of legit ways of making that bag of money.
Its rather sad that a company sees that the world’s people are looking to be unserious with their lives but instead of discouraging the trend “…LESS SERIOUS” was thought to be a brilliant idea.
In a world where more people become less serious what will happen?
Now, back to the lady in the picture, is her bag not too big? It also looks rather heavy from the way she’s pulling at it sef.

Dayo Olugbemi


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