‘Why I hid my Yoruba name’ – Desmond Elliot

It’s that time in Nigeria again, when many strange facts will begin to unravel themselves, true identities will be revealed, and ambitions will be loudly declared even from the unlikeliest sources. Such is the case with our politicians in these days…especially those who ‘cross-carpeted’ from Nollywood to ‘Pollywood’


You all know the popular handsome Nollywood actor, Desmond Elliot who recently declared his ambition to represent Surulere Constituency 1 at the Lagos State House of Assembly under the All Progressives Congress. We have uncovered some more facts about this man, and he has an explanation. I only hope you will consider his explanation tenable. Lol.

First things first, I had no clue whatsoever that Desmond is from Lagos State! That he is a Yoruba man, or that his name is OLUSOLA. (I may be the only one here who feels that way, but permit my ignorance). What baffles me is why he kept this part of his identity hidden until now…when he wants a public office. The only criticism coming to my head right now is that ‘maybe he wants to use that to win Lagosians to himself’ but a man will not hide his identity forever, will he?

Anyway, Desmond has revealed that his decision to hide his Yoruba name – identity if you ask me – is a professional one. He said he stuck to his English name for professional reasons. I think I can understand that, don’t know about you though. But the fact remains that he is Yoruba, he is now in politics, and he wants your vote.

Talking about politics, Desmond went on to reveal how politics has made him a night crawler. He said it was not part of him to night crawl, but politics has to be done, and night must be crawled. Lol. That was a pun Ooo.

When asked why he went into politics, he had this to say:

‘Politics has been in me for many years but I wanted a party which was progressive. My choice of APC was because its stronger and progressive. The party is one you can identify with. This is also a good platform and a good party. It has lots of PROGRAMS that cater for people’s welfare. It has so much differentiated itself from all others. This is one of the reasons why I decided to join the party,’

he explained.

Well, my LummySense tells me there is more to come from this dude. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. What do you think?

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