MAN OF THE YEAR INDEED: Analysing what Pope Francis said about HELL.

Brother Francis, i can call you that, right? Of course i can, you’re cool like that. Brother Francis I just want to say you’re the most awesome Pope ever!

Did you know that Pope Francis is the first Jehovah’s Witness to be named The Man of The Year by TIME Magazine? Yup, he’s a Witness, that just happens to find himself in the Vatican. Oh, ignore his dress. Isn’t he humble and with no care for material things, just like the witnesses? And checkout what he’s been saying:

“The church no longer believes in a literal hell where people suffer..”

Oh, great news! And isn’t that what the witnesses have been trying to tell us in the last, i don’t know, 50 years!

“..This doctrine is incompatible with the infinite love of God.”

Why of course it is. the JWs said it a million times before in the last, i don’t know, 50 years! But there’s a problem, if there’s no Hell then hell, i can do what i want and be rest assured i won’t get roasted in the end, eternally. And if everybody starts to think in this direction, yup, there’s a problem. But let’s look on the bright side, God is Love.

“Today, we no longer judge. Like a loving father, we never condemn our children. Our church is big enough for heterosexuals and homosexuals“
That sounded pretty Witness-ey to me. Except for the homosexual part though. And that was the part that got Elton John loving the Pope so much he said he (the Pope, of course) should be made a saint. Wait, Elton John loves … moving on.

“Like the fable of Adam and Eve, we see hell as a literary device“

Fable?? Uhmm, wait, fable? The JWs never called it that o. But when you think about it, talking snake, like Kaa and Mowgli in Jungle Book. My goodness, what am i saying? Pardon my foolishness and near blasphemy. How could i compare … moving on.

Pope Francis declared that:
“All religions are true, because they are true in the hearts of all those who believe in them.”

Ah yes. Somebody needs to show that line to ISIS.

Brother Francis, may Jehovah bless you. And may the meek inherit the earth. By the way, you’d expect that the Cardinals are upset with the Pope right? wrong! Except for a handful, everyone’s cool with him. Now isn’t that just great, man of the year!


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