What Is The Meeting Point of FAITH and FACTS?

The question is asked: “How do you KNOW” what you know, or how do you know that what you know is true?”

The resulting conclusion is that we have Faith in CLAIMS and not in
FACTS because you cannot possibly know….Interesting…..

It is a self-defeating argument that does not hold any water because the statement itself is a statement of faith. It is not a statement of fact. Yet it sets out to disqualify a statement of faith.

It is not a fact that Christians believe in claims and not in facts. That is a personal opinion and a personal belief. Because we do not know…

The same question could be asked, How do you KNOW that what we Know is not facts and actually claims…what you have is also what we have…A CLAIM!

Furthermore, knowledge is not objective or absolute. It is relative and subject. We do not know facts… We know information.

Knowledge can be good or bad, correct or incorrect, but it is still knowledge. It is the accumulation of information. The point here is that knowledge has got nothing to do with facts, they are not synonyms, not by a long shot. We do not know facts or fiction. We know information. You cannot use knowledge to argue against faith!

You cannot separate Faith from Fact!

At first glance, I myself admit, that sounds ridiculous, but walk with me. For all intense purposes, Faith is Fact.

The information that Faith holds is held as if it were a concrete Fact! Why? Just think about it, as soon as it becomes an externally observable fact, it moves out from the realm of faith. You do not require faith for facts…it is physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally impossible to believe in what does not need any believing. You require faith to transform information or CLAIMS into Fact, but the end result is still that it is a fact to the one holding the faith.

Play out the scenario in your head. Ask someone if what they believe is a fact? The answer will always be, Yes! Should the Answer be No, then you have to ask the follow up question, Why do you believe it if you know it is not a fact? Play the scenario further: Ask someone if they believe an external fact: John, do you believe that Goodluck Jonathan is president of Nigeria? The answer should come back as No! I don’t believe that…He IS president.

That is the point or function of faith. To take information from the head and turn it into facts in the heart, holding it as facts and not as information or claims anymore. And, if faith is not held as fact, then it is not faith!

How can it be? But, to the person who holds the faith, the faith is held with more certainty than what is undeniably certain.

That is what makes faith, faith! The fact factor! The point here is that Faith can only be Faith to the one holding the Faith if the reality believed in is actuality celebrated as Fact.

So, you do not need faith for what you do not know (blind faith). You need faith for what you do know. It is much easier to believe that everything in the bible is made up including the very concept of a God, in fact, it is so easy that you do not even need faith for that! But, to believe that a man walked on water, walked through a wall, died, raised himself by himself back to life and told us all that he was in existence before Abraham and he is going to prepare a room for us with God our maker in heaven….That is information. That information requires faith. Faith holds it as Fact.

But, you will say, it is not a fact, it is a CLAIM! Can’t you tell the difference?

How do you know that the claim is actually a fact? Answer: The faith is not without promise and the promise is realised, celebrated, received: FACT,

Monday to Sunday, January to December! That is how I know that what I believe is Fact. The claim is not without proof and the proof is in the kept promise.

For example, the claim is that there is an Apple tree (God). So, I believe that there is an apple tree! Ok, How do I KNOW that there actually is an apple tree and that I do not merely believe in a claim? Well, I have been eating the apples of that tree since the day I started believing that it exists. Can I show you the apple tree? No! Can I show you the fruits of the apple tree? Yes!

So, the fence is Faith and you either stand left of the fence or right of the fence, but we are divided by the fence, we are not divided by facts. Because you do not know that what I claim to Know as fact is not a fact it is merely a claim. You do not KNOW that just as you CLIAM, that I do not KNOW that my information is Fact and not just claims.

We are divided by the fence of faith. Not the fence of facts….a fact is what a fact is, there is no dividing fence.

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