Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son set to lose $49m because of Miley Cyrus

Stories claiming that Patrick Schwarzenegger’s parents aren’t excited about Miley Cyrus haven’t let up since the couple started dating, and now it’s believed that the 21-year-old’s parents are thinking of taking serious measures to ensure that the couple don’t stay together.

The actor has reportedly been ordered to end it with the Adore You hit maker if he wants to receive the trust fund that his parents – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver – set up for him when he turns 25.

“They are both convinced she is a negative influence on their son and are determined to end the relationship,” a family friend is thought to have revealed. But despite his parent’s threats — and the large sum of money that hangs in the balance — it seems the youngster is staying loyal to his 22-year-old beau, claiming that he would “rather be with Miley than have the money”.

Patrick allegedly brought Miley with him to visit relatives in Hyannis Port, MA, over the Christmas break, a move that is believed to have “exasperated” his family. “Maria especially is hoping the shock tactic of threatening to cut him off financially will scare him in to giving Miley the elbow,” the source added. “He and his mum had a huge argument during which he told her she and Arnie could stick their cash ‘where the sun don’t shine’. He said he’d rather be with Miley than have the money. It’s upsetting for Maria and Arnie because they fear Miley will lead him astray, then break his heart.”

Claims Patrick’s family are thinking of cutting off his trust fund come just a short while after reports stating that action-movie hero Arnie had approved of his son’s romance with Cyrus. The model is believed to have introduced the Wrecking Ball star to his father on New Year’s Eve as the couple partied at Britney Spear’s Las Vegas residency. It’s thought that Schwarzenegger not only approved of Miley but also shared that he was thrilled to meet her, according to New York Daily.

And it seems Arnie’s seal of approval has only brought the couple closer together, according to The Mirror. The Terminator star is believed to be the second person in Patrick’s family who has given Miley a nod of approval. Anthony Shriver, Patrick’s uncle, had reportedly spend time with the couple at an Art Basel art show in Miami last year and was very impressed by his bond with the singer.

If these allegations are true it doesn’t appear to be affecting the couple, Miley called Patrick ‘the best boyfriend ever’ as they recently celebrated New Year’s Eve together.



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