Effect of the internet on your relationship

Internet has a lot of pros and cons. But, when it comes to relationships, there is no doubt that internet can have a bad influence on it. Sometimes, for a romantic relationship, the internet can not be considered a boon.


There are different effects of internet on a relationship. It is common for many relationships to break up on issues related to technology. You should realise where you are going wrong and correct it then and there. This can be done only if both of you agree that there is a problem and are willing to make some adjustments for the relationship to work.

Being too busy with internet may take you far away from your relationship. The following are a few of the drastic effects of internet on relationship.

Time taken
The problem with the internet is that you are trying to keep in touch with everyone. It will be too late to realise that you are spending more time with the internet than with your spouse. This will sure lead to some problems. This is one of the adverse effects of internet on relationship.

Romantic Jealousy
The feeling of jealousy can be lethal in any relationship. There is no doubt that when you are using different social networks, you are doing nothing harmless. But, this can affect your relationship. Internet can undermine the trust between two individuals, if not used wisely.

Partner Monitoring
With the various features on the social networks, the internet acts as a surveillance to keep track of the romantic partner. This is not one of the healthy signs of a relationship. One of the best relationship advice is to ensure that there is trust between the partners. If the trust is lost, there is no point being in that relationship.


There are some couples who use tweets to communicate with each other. This is not a healthy thing to do. You should not publicise personal conversation, especially conflicts. This can have negative effects on relationship. Studies have shown that this can result in relationship break up and even divorce. This is one of the effects of internet on relationship.

Thanks to the technology, communication will never be a problem even with the ex. You may track what the ex is up to. It is better to stay disconnected with ex as this can have adverse effects on the relationship.

Adding New Friends
Most of the social networks will allow adding new friends. Adding new friends whom you don’t know personally should be discouraged as reports have proved that they can misuse your personal information such as pics you shared.

The internet has a lot of advantage to offer its users, but when it comes to your relationship, you have to draw the line.



About Olumide Lawrence

OLUMIDE LAWRENCE is a writer, an artiste and a publicist. Started out as a PLAYER, now I am a Relationship COACH. Follow me on twitter @ilummynation and instagram @glowville Facebook: Olumide ilummynation Lawrence. BBM: 2A3B059E, 7E15126B.

3 thoughts on “Effect of the internet on your relationship

  1. While I understand and agree with most of this write up, I still want to maintain that internet can not always affect your relationship negatively. For long distance relationships, internet can bring you closer using such technologies such as Skype.


  2. Thank you bims. The internet can be good or bad. It generally depends on who you really are, and how you choose to bring the internet to use.


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