Nightclub shooting gets Chris Brown’s probation revoked

Chris Brown’s night at the 2009 Grammy’s has gone on to haunt him ever since. The singer famously assaulted his then girlfriend Rihanna and yesterday he arrived in court, with his now girlfriend Karrueche Tran, where the judge ordered that the 25-year-old’s probation be revoked but granted that Chris Brown is officially a free man, at least until March.
The RnB crooner arrived in court accompanied by his lawyer Mark Geragos on January 15, 2014 for a progress hearing. However Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Brandlin ruled that the New Flame hitmaker had not been granted permission to leave Los Angeles to perform at San Jose last weekend. Under the terms of his violation, in December Brown had ordered not to leave Los Angeles County without permission and will now face a probation violation hearing on March 20, revealed spokeswoman for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, Jane Robinson.

Geragos assured the courts that his client had mistakenly been told that he could travel to the North Californian district without the court’s permission. But Brandlin reminded Brown that he, and he alone is responsible for adhering to the terms of his probation and ordered that it be revoked, yet he left courts able to remain free until the upcoming hearing.

Brandlin also insisted that it was unacceptable, but not totally unexpected, that that Brown failed to complete his community service on time. The star was told to complete 1,000 hours of community service by January but still has around 200 hours left.

Breezy’s performance at the San Jose nightclub was shrouded with trauma after five audience members were shot and wounded. Although there were no signs that Brown was involved in the shootings, Brandlin still ordered probation officials to investigate the shooting to determine if their were any links attached to him.

The troubled star’s probation officer also noted in a report that another shooting took place in Brown’s presence in a Los Angeles nightclub last year and explained that it is a cause for concern that such incidents seem to regularly occur in his presence. “Though he has shown the ability to be compliant during long stretches of his probation grant, (Brown) continues a pattern of making choices that are counterproductive in his ability to be successful on probation,” wrote Probation Officer Carlos Delgado. “There is also concern that when he performs or attends at (sic) some of his public events, people will get shot or seriously injured.”

In 2013, Brown broke the terms of his probation when he attacked a man outside a Washington D.C. hotel. He was charged with a misdemeanor assault and sentenced to rehab. Sadly, the singer was booted out of the program and sentenced to prison where he remained for two and a half months until June, 2014.



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