Nina Dobrev is DEVASTATED about Ian Sommerhalder’s engagement

Amid the claims that Ian Somerhalder and his girlfriend of six months, Nikki Reed are engaged, the rumour mill has gone into over drive by claiming to know how Ian’s former flame and current TVD co-star Nina Dobrev is feeling about it and according to them, she’s “devastated”.


Thanks to HollywoodLife, the actress, who dated Ian for two years from 2011 till 2013, is said to be saddened by the news that her ex has reportedly popped the question to Nikki who he began dating in the summer of last year. A source alleged to the gossip site: “Nina is devastated over the engagement news. She can’t believe this is all happening so fast. She is completely shocked. She heard the news from mutual friends and can only shake her head in disbelief. She knew Ian and Nikki were into each other but she never thought in a million years they would get married this quickly! It’s a tough pill to swallow.”

Adding a bit more drama into the mix, the source then went on to speculate: “Nina will put on a brave face and say all the right things. But inside it’s killing her.”

While a rep for Nina was contacted to clarify, it’s clear to see that Nina and Ian are probably one of the most friendliest exes since calling time on their relationship two years ago. On the subject of time, it’s almost been two years since the pair split so surely, they would have got back together if they still loved each other in that way. So, could Nina really be as “devastated” as the reports are making her out to be?

Nina and Ian still spend a lot of time together staring opposite each other on The Vampire Diaries, and amid all the claims they don’t like working together on set anymore, Nina has shown that there is no hate between them. Take for example, her response to winning a People’s Choice Award for best TV duo. Along with a picture of herself and Ian, the actress wrote: “Thank you so much for all the votes, passion, and undying love! You people rock my world… Love you back , wish I could have been there in person to accept the #PeoplesChoice Award Grateful for your love and support. Forever yours, xo Nina @peopleschoice #PeoplesChoice @iansomerhalder #TVD #Delena @julieplec @kevwilliamson”.

It is important to note that Ian isn’t the only one who is getting on with his life, because it appears that Nina is LOVING the single life at the moment. Just take a look at her Twitter and Instagram pages to see her having a ball traveling and hanging out with her friends. In fact, we’re pretty envious of all the adventures she gets to on!

As much as Nina and Ian are happy as they are, fans haven’t reacted in the same way with many upset that they aren’t getting married. One fan, who needed to express their feelings using the caps lock function on their keyboard, tweeted: “IAN SOMERHALDER IS ENGAGED AND ITS NOT TO NINA DOBREV AND IM ACTUALLLY CRYING OVER THIS SOS,” while another fan commented: “Ian somerhalder (sic) is now engaged and it’s not to Nina dobrev (sic) true love is not real.”

“A sliver (sic) of me just died knowing that Ian somerhalder (sic) is an engaged man and that his fiancé is not Nina dobrev or me”, mused another.

What’s your say?


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