After three divorces: Jennifer Lopez says she’s a GREAT wife

She may have been divorced three times, but Jennifer Lopez insists that she’s still a “great wife.”


In an episode of American Idol that aired last week, the 45-year-old was seen slow dancing with a contestant before telling him, ”I’m a great girlfriend. And wife. Just picked the wrong f**king guys.” However, despite her comments, the star claims that she was merely joking and was surprised that the footage even made the programme.

She told New York Daily News, “I was joking around! For me, being on ‘Idol’ is like joking around with friends all the time and now they’re using a lot of that in-between stuff like our talking. And it’s like, ‘OK! Get that out there, why don’t you?’” She went on to explain that she wasn’t blaming the men for her relationship breakdowns and referred to her ex Marc Anthony, who she divorced last June. “You get to a point in your life where it’s not anybody else when things work out or don’t work out,” she revealed. “I think that’s been a big part of my journey to finally sit back and go, ‘Hey what is it that you think you’re doing?”’

But that doesn’t mean the Booty hitmaker has given up on love. ”The key is in loving yourself and being happy on your own and then continuing from there,” she explained. ”Someone can add to that happiness. ‘Someone’ is also healthy and can love themselves and have a healthy relationship with you, but you have to be whole on your own and you have to be happy on your own. That’s kind of been my journey over the past few years.”

And although she could probably have the pick of any man she fancied, it looks like J.Lo wants to continue with that journey of self-acceptance for a little more time. She may have looked pretty cosy at the Golden Globes with her The Boy Next Door co-star Ryan Guzman but she revealed that was as a result of their close friendship, nothing more.

Speaking to Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS radio show on Saturday she said, “There’s nothing going on here! We have a movie coming out. We’re co-stars. But we have been having fun promoting the movie, I can say that. We went to the Globes the other night. We had a good time.”

And it’s probably for the best that the pair aren’t together, as they revealed that they have very different approaches when it comes to dating. Discussing their new film, which sees Jennifer play a newly-single high school teenager who embarks on a dangerous relationship with a local teenager, she asked, “Is there any good way to end a relationship, you know, just be friends?” Ryan then responded, “You cannot be nice! No! You gotta take it like a band-aid. Quick and easy.” But his remarks didn’t seem to go down to well with Jen, who joked, “Oh my God! I’m glad you and I are not together.”




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