Fans show disgust at Lil Wayne and Christina Milian’s ‘DRUNK IN LOVE’ cover

Christina Milian and Lil Wayne may be hip hop’s newest smitten couple but they are clearly no Beyonce and Jay Z as the pair have outraged fans by remixing the power couple’s recent hit single Drunk In Love. hmmm…rightfully so?


Dip It Low singer Christina, who premiered her new E! reality TV show this week, finally came clean about her not-so-secret romance with the Young Money rapper this week after months of speculation and Wayne himself seems to have confirmed their relationship too by collaborating with the beauty on his new mixtape, Sorry 4 The Wait 2.

But nobody expected the new couple would actually have the audacity to cover the king and queen’s latest love song – and it’s only been made worse by the fact that they haven’t done the number one song justice. Right from the beginning, Wayne lowers the original tone of the song with some pretty raunchy lyrics which I can’t post here.

Naturally, the response hasn’t exactly been positive with many ridiculing the pair for the cover, with @ash93braith1 stating: “Lil Wayne and Christina Milian have done their own version of Drunk In Love and I am………disgusted,” and @KSJ____ commenting: “What the hell was wayne thinking makin a drunk in love with Christina milian like.”

Opening up about her working relationship with Wayne and recording the track Start A Fire, which they performed at the MTV Video Music Awards last August, Christina told the Mail Online: “[He was] the prefect person for it because he wears his heart on his sleeve too. Yeah he can write songs about ”I wan’t girls, I want this and that” but he also sings about how to love shows vulnerability even in that. And I thought it was just such a perfect match.”

Addressing her romance with the Millionaire rapper, Christina told Wendy Williams this week: “He’s my man crush everything,” before replying when the host asked if he was her “full boyfriend”: “Well, I mean, girl, don’t put it out like that! I’m just saying… We have great chemistry and we have really great involvement in each others’ lives.”

Sounds like a “full boyfriend” to us, Christina!



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