Weird things that baffle WOMEN about MEN

Last week a survey was published which revealed 50 things that baffled men about women. Most responses were from women who couldn’t grasp the actions of the men in their lives. And judging by the anger vented in some of the submissions, these men have been irritating them for a while.

Have a look and see if you recognise any of the traits in you and your partner. To be fair to them, a lot of women probably do these things, too…we have decided to publish the opinion without names.

  1. They are so laid back about everything.
  2. How they watch an entire football match but still have to watch the highlights on Match of the Day.
  3. You go to town shopping with them, then they get the hump in the first shop.
  4. They get so engrossed into a game console they suddenly can’t hear what you’re saying.
  5. Why does a 10 minute job such as putting a picture on the wall take a man all day – sometimes weeks – to do?
  6. Why do they find farting so amusing?
  7. They don’t think to put the toilet seat down, even when reminded 10 times a day!
  8. You talk to them, then you ask them something you’ve said and they haven’t listened to a word.
  9. Why is it so hard not to stuff their face before dinner?
  10. They leave clothes beside the laundry basket and not in it…


  1. Why can they fall asleep the second they sit down somewhere and then embarrass you with snoring like a pig?
  2. They never replace the empty toilet roll.
  3. They can spend an hour on the toilet. Why?
  4. They are so grumpy at restaurants and complain about everything until their food arrives.
  5. Why they leave the towel on the bed after showering instead of putting it on the towel rack.
  6. They think women actually enjoy grocery shopping….. we don’t!
  7. Why can they never find things – even those things staring them straight in the face!’
  8. How when they can’t find something they blame you for hiding it…
  9. Having sheds they spend hours in.
  10. Their inability to show their feelings.


  1. Needing the TV remote even when not watching it, or he watches three seconds of every channel and then announces there’s nothing on.
  2. When they stand up to wee, they splash everywhere. Why don’t they just sit down!
  3. How they remember dates of past football games and remember all the players’ names, yet they can’t remember the day they got married or their partner’s birthday’
  4. They say one thing then do the opposite…
  5. He will wear the same socks for a week unless I steal them to wash.
  6. Why do they think they know the answer to everything?
  7. They will moan when they want to watch something you don’t like until you give in and let them, only to snore all the way through it.
  8. Why do they feel it’s ok to let wind anywhere they like? Vile.
  9. Why we have to give so many hints before they finally get a present right.
  10. How any colour between salmon and fuchsia is “pink” and therefore the same.
  11. Why do men assume that a cupboard door or drawer will just close by itself and when it doesn’t, they don’t notice or care.
  12. I don’t understand the obsession with XBox/Playstation etc and the need to play it for around five hours in one go! And how when they are playing it they lose all ability to function, listen or speak!
  13. What is it about cars that is so amazing?
  14. They think fruit and veg will poison them.
  15. Why are they always messy and lazy? For example empty food packets everywhere, dirty dishes and dirty washing all over the floor.
  16. How men can sit around and watch a ball being kicked around for hours and just shout at the screen – only to watch it all over again the next week, then complain about us watching our soaps which actually have a plot to them?
  17. They always feel the need to have their hand in their trousers.
  18. Their inability to rush and hurry things along quickly.
  19. They can wear the same clothes around the house just relaxing for a night out and still look good and not out of place.
  20. They talk about footballers as if they know them personally.
  21. Using every pot and utensil to make one meal.
  22. They always mistake the floor for a wardrobe!
  23. What is with the obsession of drawing penises on everything or joking about them when they have one themselves?
  24. Their inability in remembering to take a cup/plate out and put it in the sink after using it.


Men, its your turn…what baffles you about women?


About Olumide Lawrence

OLUMIDE LAWRENCE is a writer, an artiste and a publicist. Started out as a PLAYER, now I am a Relationship COACH. Follow me on twitter @ilummynation and instagram @glowville Facebook: Olumide ilummynation Lawrence. BBM: 2A3B059E, 7E15126B.

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