Dress and be addressed for RAPE

Sensitive topic but this is about opinions, right?


I don’t get it. How can these people insist that women cannot be blamed for being raped when they’re looking like that? That a lady has a right to appear however she deems fit doesn’t fit at all. I really don’t get it. You wear clothes that look like they belong to your 13 year old niece and you expect that certain parts of your exposed skin won’t attract the opposite sex and as you are a mature lady you expect to be respected? You won’t. Alot of people will act like they don’t care how you look but they would never choose to look that way for several or a single reason; it doesn’t feel right. Besides, as Neanderthals we had but a few materials to cover ourselves with. Many technologies and clothing materials later we choose to go back to that?
Yea, you could argue that the Neanderthals didn’t then molest their women for that simple reason but be fully aware that there’re many deranged people out here now, both men and women, all nuts walking around town, just waiting for a trigger.

There’s the argument that clothes really do not matter because of cases where women who were properly dressed still got raped or molested in public. This is correct. And points to the fact that people are not as normal as they used to be. People are loosing it, why push them?

But this freedom of expression thing though. The negative sides seems to outweigh the positive.
Like some guest said on BBC the other day. Opinions are like clothes. You have the right to wear whatever you want, but you don’t have the right to be accepted in public.

This is exactly the same with Charlie Hebdo and the Islamic community. You can say what you want but people will be influenced negatively and those without self control will act on what you have said;usually negatively.

Please note that I am for freedom of expression and all. I appreciate a woman who can express herself fashion-wise, but we should be aware that certain freedom has created or enhanced certain problems. Just as the right to posses firearms has done to the rate of gun violence as well. We can argue that later though.


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